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The Journal: Black Confidence Tag

The Journal: Black Confidence Tag

We all know the benefits of a new outfit or a good sweat at the gym. Endorphins are going, the sidewalk feels like your runway. And what does that translate to? Well, you probably feel like you can takeover the world! That's the difference that confidence makes. Confidence is one of the key factors that separates underachievers from the risk takers and game changers. Confidence makes you memorable. And whether you're in the boardroom or on the ball field, having confidence takes your performance to the next level. But what does grooming have to do with it? Here are four ways that grooming boosts confidence.

Grooming Brings Positive Attention

From direct compliments to knowing smiles, being well groomed makes you a point of attention. People notice a well-groomed guy. And that undoubtedly makes you feel good. At Frederick Benjamin we believe that when you look good, you feel good...and perform better. The confident guy makes more consistent eye contact, has a firmer handshake, makes bold decisions, and can walk up and interact with anyone. 

Grooming Builds Discipline

Grooming is all about maintenance, doing the little things consistently over time that bring results. When you see results, you're motivated to continue the routine. And nothing makes a guy more confident than being able to control an outcome. When you know that what you do in one area brings positive results, then it carries over to other areas of your life. The discipline you build when you create a routine also gives you more time to do other things. When you know how long your grooming routine takes, you can squeeze in an extra set at the gym or read a chapter of a book that's been on your to-do list for the last three months. Personal care is an investment in your personal development. And personal development is the key to success. 

Grooming Adds to Your Health

We're big believers that health starts from the inside out. And whatever you do on the outside can always be maximized by changes in things like your diet. Products can make your hair more manageable and skin smoother, but it wouldn't hurt to add in a few more glasses of water, an extra salad and one less carb. When you start to look and feel better, you want to maintain that. A good grooming regimen starts the conversation about a well-groomed life. Your body is an engine, you get out what you put in. That's why we use natural ingredients in all of our products.

And that's why we want to make grooming simple--no nonsense, no fuss, no 20 step rituals. Check out our quick how-to videos and find your regimen from Frederick Benjamin. 


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