Facial Hair 101: What You Need to Know About Natural Grooming

Beard or no beard? — to be honest, it ultimately doesn’t matter. Facial hair does not make a man.

Neither does the car he drives or the designer sneaker he wears. What really makes a man is how he cares for himself — and, since your face is your official calling card you must remember to be kind and always rewind. 

1 natural curls for black men

What matters else matters? That you feel good and look good. Whichever style you choose to rock, clean shaved, goatee, or full beard, you gotta care for your facial hair properly.

Welcome to Facial Hair 101 and we ensure to teach all men, from the rookie to the veteran, about the art of beard care. Take copious notes because class is in session!

Bet on Au Naturale 

Staying true to our brand’s mantra, we infuse natural ingredients into each and every one of our products. We also hate when things get complicated, so created several regimens to help you navigate the natural grooming path towards your best beard yet. 

Bald and bearded

The Bald and Bearded Grooming Kit

Start with a warm shower (p.s. the steam will help soften facial hair). Once those pores are open and ready for more nutrients, apply a generous amount of Easy Primer formulated with avocado, grapeseed, soybean, and olive oils. Why this specific mix? 

These oils that are beneficial for beard care and have been proven to provide healthy hair growth, moisturize hair, and prevent dry, flaky skin. 

Bro, Wash Your Beard

Are you walking around, grinning at people with all types of debris and food stuck on your face? Like who raised y’all?  Seriously, you must wash your entire mug.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the vanity and maintenance of the beard that we momentarily forget there is still skin underneath. Fellas do what is right for your beard by simply washing your face fur regularly to assist with some of the most common issues like dried out or itchy follicles.

The Bread Regimen For Normal TO Itchy Dry Beards

To alleviate this problem, we suggest washing and conditioning twice a week with our beard wash and following-up with our beard creme. This is sure to leave your beard soft and irresistible.

Keep It Consistent and Shave 

Many of us are not called to serve in the beard ministry, so let it go bro and shave it off your face. Behind every man’s clean shaven face is a bevy of Frederick Benjamin products designed with him in mind. Afterall, who wants patchy stubble? 

Of course, we recommend purchasing our shaving regimen for the best shave possible. Our Hydro Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel is a specially formulated clear shave gel that provides a natural protective barrier to help the razor glide for a comfortable, pain-free and precise shave. Plus, it contains one of nature’s best beauty secrets, aloe vera, to help heal and moisturize the skin. 

Shave Graded

Post -shave, it's important ensure that no razor or hair bumps occur. Our clinically- tested and dermatologist-approved Bump Clear, After Shave & Bump Treatment, is a hydrating and fragrance-free treatment lotion that soothes and hydrated skin. Apply after shaving and twice a day to your razor bump area to start seeing ASAP. 

Remember: it’s not about the fastest or most skilled; it is about who has what it takes to care for your facial hair during a strike, November or worse, a pandemic. 

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