Frederick Benjamin Staff Shares Their 2021 Resolutions

Let’s just say that 2020 was on for the books. But, alas, a new year is finally on the horizon. It’s no secret that you love our products, but do you ever wonder who is behind all the magic?

Get to know the team behind-the-scenes at Frederick Benjamin Grooming including their resolutions for 2021, product picks, and grooming (or beauty) advice for all.  

1 taper fade with twist curls

Who: Lauryn Harriford, Marketing Assistant
2021 Beauty Resolution: To maintain healthy, natural curls. 
2021 Personal Resolution: To eat better and start working out consistently again (masked-up of course!) 
Favorite FBG Product: Sleek Water Pomade, because in addition to all of the different ways it can be used for men — it also makes a great edge control!
2020 In Three Words: Hellacious but enlightening.
Best Beauty Advice Received: Go natural! I consistently got relaxers until 2016, then I did the “big chop” in 2017. It took me a while to get used to having a baby ‘fro as opposed to long, silky straight hair, but my hair grew back healthier than ever — and now I LOVE embracing my natural curls. 

1 taper fade with twis

Who: Michael James, Founder 
2021 Grooming Resolution: To find a new skincare routine. 
2021 Personal Resolution: Eatings a plant based diet, at least six days a week
Favorite FBG Product: Crown Control. It holds my curls all day without the crunch of a gel. 
2020 In Three Words: Trying. Exhausting. Encouraging.
Best Grooming Advice Received: Steam your face to seamlessly remove blackheads.

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Who: Chris Lawrence, Freelance Copywriter 
2021 Grooming Resolutions: Growing my beard out. 
2021 Personal Resolution: Starting a podcast.
Favorite FBG Product: Bump Clear, lots of cutting my own hair this year and this product really works — it became a must in my regimen. 
2020 in Three Words: Relentless. Sobering. Reset. 
Best Grooming Advice Received: Don’t rely on the term “Black don’t crack”. Make sure you do your part in taking care of your skin.

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Who: Bayo Dele, SMS Marketing 
2021 Beauty or Grooming Resolutions: Experiment more. 
Favorite FBG Product: Daily Hydrator Styling Creme. Leaves your hair feeling fresh and ready for the day.
2020 in Three Words: Predictable yet unpredictable.
Best Grooming Advice Received: Something about using conditioner?

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Who: Janell Hickman-Kirby, Content Manager 
2021 Beauty or Grooming Resolutions: Take better care of my scalp. 
2021 Personal Resolution: Dare to dream bigger + let go of limiting beliefs.  
Favorite FBG Product: Invigorating Cleanser — nothing compares to that tingle. 
2020 In Three Words: A wild ride! 
Best Beauty Advice Received: Keep your routine simple — sometimes less really is more. 

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Who: Martin A. Berrios, Social Media Strategist 
2021 Beauty or Grooming Resolutions: Continue to show my son the importance of grooming and making a good appearance.
2021 Personal Resolution: Setting up another scholarship fund for students of color.
Favorite FBG Product: I love the Sleek Water Pomade. It lays my waves down very well without weighing down my hair. The formula is super light and goes on easily. Additionally, a tiny dab of it gives my beard a nice shine when I grow it out.
2020 In Three Words: You’re on mute.
Best Grooming Advice Received:  "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” – Deion Sanders

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Who: Tyrus Townsend, Freelance Copywriter 
2021 Beauty or Grooming Resolutions: Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! As a man over 40, I notice my skin cell turnover rate is not as fast as it once was. Daily scrubbing with a gentle product, to remove excess oils and grime, will assist in a softer, clearer, and smoother skin surface
2021 Personal Resolution: Engaging in more self-care and complete pending professional and personal projects. 
Favorite FBG Product:  Sleek Water Pomade is my absolute favorite FBG product. The lightweight consistency of the formula, when applied, is soft to the touch and keeps everything strand of my hair in place. This not my father’s wave grease!
2020 In Three Words: Unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, and productive.
Best Grooming Advice Received:  Never let a barber trick you into putting Bigen on your hair!

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