Prom 2018 Styles and Achieving the Looks


Stuntin’ in your Louboutins, ridin’ out in the Royce, and a bad date by your side is every boy’s goal for Prom. For 2018 graduates, this time has come and college couldn’t come any sooner. So for the last couple of days of high school, make it memorable starting with your Prom. It’s the perfect time to switch up your style and set new trends. Here are some of the dopest Prom styles and Frederick Benjamin products to help you achieve the looks.


Sea Sick Waves

Prom 2018 Styles

So, you gonna hit a pose like this in every picture? With waves making your date sick, it’s definitely the move for your Prom night. Our first recommended look for Prom is a simple haircut with smooth waves to texturize your look. Getting those waves is a simple task, but requires some time before Prom to achieve the look. Thug it out in a durag every night and those waves will start to develop. But, we know the durag struggle can be real and can be forgotten to put on every night. There’s a process to the waves you desire and that can take time.

Here’s a little key that can improve the time it takes to get your waves. Our Daily Hydrator Styling Creme is what you need to put on your hair each night right before the durag. This Creme is a lightweight, grease-free styling cream and moisturizer that cools and invigorates your dry scalp while providing a light-to-medium hold. Your hair will feel cool with the spearmint oil invigorating the scalp with the minty scent and hydrated and moisturized with the hemp seed oil. Work this creme right in your hair before putting your durag on at night and those waves will be smooth and noticeable.


Dreads Braided Back

Prom 2018 Styles 2

Ladies love nothing more than a man with fresh dreads, especially in a unique style. If rasta is your lane, consider cleaning up your look for your Prom pictures. There are so many different styles that can be worn, like this twist-back mini mohawk. Not only is it on trend, but it adds maturity to your pictures displaying the high school grad you’re becoming.

Men notice dry hair just like females do; don’t doubt that ability. It’s easy to notice when your dreads are lacking moisture with its dry look, lack of movement and the way it sucks up moisture it does receive. That’s the last look you want on your Prom pictures, but, of course, we’ve come through with the save. Try our Conditioner-Invigorating Moisturizer right before your hair is styled to give it that fresh, healthy look. Our product is fragrance-free, which is appropriate for us while sulfate-free, not stripping the hair of moisture. Our conditioner will take the focus off the constant itching and dryness and more of securing that date for prom.


Classic Odell Beckham

Prom 2018 Styles 3

Whether you’ve dyed your hair like Odell himself or your mother tells you to stick with your natural hair color, this is by far the most fly look for Prom. Cut a little off the sides like this image or a lot more, which can help slim out your face. Keep the natural top curly, formulate starter dreads or even cornrow the top if you have enough hair. Either way, ladies love to play with natural hair and yours won’t be an exception.

When you pop out this Hair Twist Sponge Brush,  your friends will be looking at you sideways, but when they see the aftereffects, they’ll be plotting to steal when you’re not looking. What’s really dope about this twist sponge is the ability to take your curls to the next level by using your sponge in circular motions over the hair desired to curl. With the help of our Daily Hydrator Styling Creme, those curls will be “as poppin’” as your date describing her natural hair. One thing to note is the importance of twisting the sponge in only ONE direction. Multiple twisting directions will unravel your twist.  


No-Beard Gang

Prom 2018 Styles 4

Puberty doesn’t hit everyone at the same time and that struggle beard has to go for Prom. It’s time to either shave it all off or clean it up. With either option, you can go from homeless to Prom king in a matter of minutes. Beard gang has been going strong, but what we’re liking is the clean-shaved look.

The Bump Clear-Post Shave & Bump Treatment has an ultra-hydrating and fragrance-free post-shave lotion and treatment that soothes and moisturizes skin. The sunflower seed oil is a crucial ingredient, which moisturizes and hydrates the skin leaving your face silky, bump-free and strokeable for Prom. If you suffer from little breakouts after shaving, using as a bump treatment at least two weeks before prom by applying to the affected area twice a day. On Prom night, you can double as a post-shave by applying evenly onto dry skin. Even though this treatment is $18.00, this will be a minor cost with major benefits for your Prom pictures.

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