360 Waves

How to Get 360 Waves

A lot of people ask us, how do I get waves? We've got the perfect recipe for you! Most will tell you to brush your hair constantly and wear a durag... and that's it. However, there are 5 fundamental steps to achieving waves:

  1. Yes, you must constantly brush using a medium to soft bristle brush.
  2. Use a comb to straighten out your wave pattern.
  3. Hydration is the key to waves. Ensure to use a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner.
  4. Use a water-based pomade to seal in the moisture.
  5.  Use a durag or wave cap to lay down or "compress" your hair while you sleep.

We have several how-to guides and Q&A tips to help with any question about waves. Remember, to master this style hydration is key and will determine how easily your hair can adopt the wave style.

360 Waves

Already have waves and looking to define them more? We suggest 360 waves. So, what are 360 waves? 360 waves is a hairstyle where the hair lays down in ripples (looking like waves in water). Predominantly Black men wear the hairstyle but other cultures who train their hair can achieve the look, too. The "360" adjunct comes into effect when the wearer brushes and trains their hair to form a wave pattern in a full circular motion.

Moisture is key when training your hair to lay down properly, making sure you moisturize daily will help improve how your hair lays down. Brushing helps the hairs laydown while combing helps stretch the hairs. Finally, wearing a durag or wave cap ensures protects the hair while sleeping and locking in moisture.

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