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Daily Hydrator
Styling Creme

It's a lightweight, grease-free hair styling cream and moisturizer that cools and invigorates your dry scalp while providing a light to medium hold. The cream dries soft and without the stiffness of styling foam.

Our Best-Selling Hydrator Men's Styling Cream

It's great for all hair types - even providing hydration for those clean-shaven men out there. The naturally-infused styling cream addresses the common grooming concerns of the modern man and contains spearmint oil for a minty scalp invigoration, clove oil for blood flow, nettle oil for hair growth, and hemp seed oil for hydration and moisture. Best of all, it's petrolatum and mineral oil-free, which means it goes on light and grease-free.


MIchael C.

Perfect Daily Hair Grooming Cream

This has a nice subtle smell, great style holding with no buildup. Perfect as daily groom. Especially nice on my fine hair.

Ron C.

Great Product!

Very light non-greasy, excellent hold and works with any style.

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