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6 Tips for Shaving Curly Coarse Hair 🪒

Posted by Michael James on

Shaving as a black male is a frustrating experience, but we got you! 


If you're fortunate not to have nicked your skin, you'll still end up with razor bumps or worse - ingrown hairs! But it doesn't have to be this way.


Below are 6 shaving tips proven to eliminate the frustrating experience of razor bumps and ingrown hairs once and for all!



Tip 1: Wash and exfoliate your face with warm water. Your preferred face wash and exfoliator will do. The goal is to remove as many impurities and dead skin cells as possible to minimize razor bumps.



Tip 2: After washing and exfoliating, find a clean towel and soak it in hot water. Place it over the shaving region and let it work its magic. This will soften your skin and hair. Ensure not to burn yourself. If it's too hot let it rest before placing it on your face.



Tip 3: Lather Frederick Benjamins Hydro-Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel in a circular motion until hair and skin are softened. This will allow an easy razor glide with minimal tugging.



Tip 4: Some men find shaving to be too harsh on their skin. Shave with a clean single-blade safety razor. Single-blade razors are best to prevent razor burn and skin irritation from over-shaving. If you still find it harsh, opt for an electric shave razor. However, if you follow these tips a single-blade safety razor should do.


Tip 5: This tip is vital but often ignored. Always, I mean ALWAYS shave along the grain. You may want the clean-shaven look but trust me a shadow or few stragglers will go unnoticed compared to razor bumps or ingrown hairs.



Tip 6: Rinse and wash your face again and apply Frederick Benjamins Post Shave Bump Treatment and preferred moisturizer. Preferably a high-quality moisturizer with organic ingredients.



BONUS: Shave once a week! Shaving more than once a week and you are asking for bumps and ingrown hairs. And that's it!



These 6 tips have helped numerous men put an end to ingrown hairs and razor bumps and guaranteed it will help you.

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