Press coverage
"Michael James wanted to develop products that combat the specific skin problems many black men face, including razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Frederick Benjamin Grooming products are named after his grandfather, the original Frederick Benjamin and are made with essential oils like spearmint, clove, hemp seed, and nettle that hydrate and protect hair and skin without irritating"
Grooming Products Made With Black Men in Mind
The Root - March 09, 2022
"James said: "I know too well how it felt to be overlooked." So having Target in his sights helped him have goals — and reaching these goals brought him personal satisfaction, as well as greater awareness to the hair discrimination affecting Black men."
The owner of a haircare brand for Black men explains the 3 winning strategies he used to get it stocked in 500 Target stores
Business Insider - March 06, 2022
"Frederick Benjamin was the name of a dapper gentleman who wore fedoras and three-piece suits while managing a tight ship in the yard of a Columbia, SC lumber business. It’s also the name of a grooming company helmed by his grandson, Michael James, who watched his grandfather in action as a youth. "
Black-Owned Businesses Carving Out Success in Beauty
- February 25, 2022
Frederick Benjamin Hair Care launches into 500 target stores
Cosmetics Design - December 22, 2022
" Frederick Benjamin-aims to empower Black men in the grooming department"
Black Enterprise: The Best Fashion Brands Taking The Lead In Style And Purpose
Forbes - February 13, 2022
The Beauty Retail Race For Newness
Beauty Independent - February 12, 2022
"Michael James’ grooming line delivers products with active natural oils and clinical ingredients that work with your hair and nourish the skin of men of color."
45 Black-Owned Menswear and Grooming Brands You Can Support Right Now
Mens Health - February 16, 2022
"Any red-blooded man knows that not all shaving products are created equal, and that’s especially apparent if you have sensitive skin or struggle with razor bumps or irritation."
The 18 Best Shaving Kits to Gift Men This Valentine's Day
Men's Health - January 13, 2022
"Black Founders are also the Focus at Target, with new brands like Frederick Benjamin launching in store."
Creating Conversations, Raising Awareness
WWD - February 10, 2022
"Apply an aftershave product. They're quite literally made to put on razor burn to heal and help soothe, so it's worth adding one to your skincare routine. Don't have an aftershave? Butterfield condones stealing from your S.O. if they shave their facial hair. We're also big fans of Frederick Benjamin Bump Clear post-shave and razor bump treatment. This aftershave product does exactly what it says in the name: clears razor bumps. With continued use, it also prevents razor burn from returning in the future."
How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps (And Prevent Them From Ever Coming Back)
The Knot - February 10, 2022
"After years of watching men use products that weren’t designed specifically for them, Michael James decided to develop a regimen of products that actually works and would help every man look and feel like his best self."
Meet the Founders of 3 Awesome Black-Owned Beauty Brands
RetailMeNot - June 09, 2021
"The brand has been celebrated in quite a few publications for their confidence-building products. One notable Frederick Benjamin Grooming review was featured in Forbes, but this brand has also made appearances in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Gear Patrol, Allure, Pinnapos, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Ebony, and many others. "
Frederick Benjamin Grooming Review
Honest Brand Review
""Guys will get an uplifting start to the day with the menthol-infused Frederick Benjamin Hydro-Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin and gives such a smooth shave, you won’t be able to keep your hands off his face.""
Fun and Feel-Good Gifts for Valentine's Day
Augusta Magazine - February 11, 2021
""Men’s grooming company Frederick Benjamin was created to empower black men with products targeted for textured hair. The Regimen is a 3-step system to keep hair fresh and put a stop to dry or itchy scalp.""
7 Male Grooming Must Haves Right in Time for Valentine's Day
Mane Addicts - February 10, 2021
"We recommend this duo (Beard Creme and Beard Wash) to help stop beard itch and receive restorative oils for added hydration and softness. Bergamot oils will provide anti-bacterial and inflammatory benefits while clove, nettle and hemp seed oils do everything from stimulating blood flow to promoting beard growth."
Stock Up on These 25 Grooming Essentials From Black-Owned Brands
Gear Patrol - February 07, 2021
"Frederick Benjamin Sleek Water Pomade If it's one styling product he needs to have in the medicine cabinet, it's the Frederick Benjamin Sleek Water Pomade. The medium-to-strong hold gel doubles as a finishing cream to impart a matte shine. With less than 10 ingredients in its formula, castor and argan oil take center stage to moisturize and condition without weighing hair down or leaving a greasy finish. "
The 33 Best Grooming Gifts to Give Your Partner for Valentine's Day
Allure - February 05, 2021
"Whether you are the bearded man of choice for pogonophiles everywhere, or typically just a Movember beard grower, like myself, this is the real deal to tame that savage face beast."
Stormin's Last Minute Gift Guide
Pinappos - December 18, 2020
"Just like your hair, your beard needs love too. This must-have daily moisturizer is lightweight to help soften, moisturize and refresh even the toughest beards. Incorporate it into your daily routine to see results instantly."
Stocking Stuffers That You Need To Get For Him Now
Forbes - December 16, 2020
"Overlook the fine print that says this is "for men" (nah) and focus on the fact that it's a top-rated shave gel with skin-soothers and emollients like aloe vera and castor oil."
15 Best Shaving Creams for Soft, Smooth Skin
Cosmopolitan - December 15, 2020
""The hero ingredient in this soothing oil is avocado, which creates a smooth and soft feel on both facial hair and skin. All you need is a little bit to moisturize even the driest whiskers.""
17 Best Beard Oils for Men
Men's Health - December 12, 2020
"The Frederick Benjamin Shaving Regimen Kit takes a different tactic than Bevel to address sensitive skin. Rather than try to redesign the razor, Frederick Benjamin sought to make the shaving experience as smooth as possible on your face. The brand accomplishes that through its included Hydro Glaze Cooling Shave Gel, a no-foam, cooling aloe shave gel, that not only soothes skin and creates a smooth shaving surface but also goes on clear for added shaving visibility."
Someone Tell Santa Claus About the Best Men's Shaving Kits
SPY - December 02, 2020
"...thick or course hair should use a thicker one like Frederick Benjamin Invigorating Moisturizer Conditioner . A good rule of thumb, says Hall, is “the finer the hair, the more water-based the product should be.""
The Ultimate Hair Care Guide For Men Over 40
Men's Health - November 09, 2020
"Frederick Benjamin was created by founder Michael James as a way to help African-American men with their hair and skin needs. The Bump Clear is a post-shave and bump treatment that prevents skin irritation from shaving bumps and ingrown hairs while also moisturizing it."
25 Black-Owned Skin Products To Keep an Eye On
ONE37PM - November 05, 2020
"Give your beard the royal treatment with the Frederick Benjamin Beard Wash($9.00, This wash is formulated with clove oil, nettle oil, hemp seed oil, and bergamot. It helps to moisturize, stimulate circulation and promote hair growth. "
5 Black-Owned Beauty Items You Need Right Now
HelloBeautiful - November 05, 2020
"FBG Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo- This naturally scented shampoo also comes sans any sulfates, so it won't unnecessarily strip moisture from your hair, leaving your scalp plenty invigorated post-wash. "
The Best Shampoo Won't Just Clean Your Hair, It'll Make It Healthier and Stronger
Esquire - October 30, 2020
"Sleek Water Pomade- Hair gels may have fallen out of favor (that crispy, crunchy look doesn’t do anyone any favors), but sometimes you still want a strong hold, right? This innovative water pomade has the hold of a gel but the soft finish of a cream, so it keeps your hair looking natural but styles, especially curls, intact."
The 2020 Esquire Grooming Awards
Esquire - October 23, 2020
"Hydro Glaze Shaving Gel- Trust us: your skin will thank you later! This CULT-FAVORITE is loved amongst men & women too!"
The Best Grooming And Wellness For Men In 2020
Forbes - October 21, 2020
"This luxurious, sulfate-free wash works with all types of beards — long, short, course of fine — and features anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory bergamot, plus clove, nettle, and hemp seed oils (not petroleum or mineral oil) to stimulate and soften facial hair."
Best Shave and Beard Care Products for Men
Ask Men - October 15, 2020
"Grooming brand Frederick Benjamin was founded by Michael James to help Black men find grooming products that worked. The Frederick Benjamin Easy Primer Skin & Beard Oil is formulated with ingredients that are meant to work with your hair and nourish the skin barrier of men of color. Enjoy the soothing benefits of avocado, olive and grapeseed oils. The best part? The Easy Primer Skin & Beard Oil can also be used on the face (outside of the beard) and scalp. "
The 11 Best Beard Oils for Black Men, According to Experts
Men's Health - October 01, 2020
"Any red-blooded man knows that not all shaving products are created equal, and that’s especially apparent if you have sensitive skin or struggle with razor bumps or irritation. This set is specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind. It features a pre-shave oil to help protect your skin from the razor’s blade and a bump clearing moisturizer for after. It’s one of the few shave sets that isn’t just focused on the act of shaving, but keeping your skin fresh both before and after."
The 10 Best Shaving Kits to Gift Men This Holiday Season
Men's Health - September 30, 2020
"Founder Michael James wanted to find better hair grooming products for Black men, and created this line that uses active natural oils and clinical ingredients."
21 Black-Owned Beauty and Wellness Brands to Support Right Now—And Always
Observer - June 03, 2020
"Michael James’ grooming line delivers products with active natural oils and clinical ingredients that work with your hair and nourish the skin of men of color."
45 Black-Owned Menswear and Grooming Brands You Can Support Right Now
Men's Health - June 05, 2020
40 Black-owned and founded beauty brands to support
Very Good Light - June 04, 2020
"Michael James founded Frederick Benjamin in an effort to sell products to men who frequently suffered from razor bumps, burns, and ingrown hairs after shaving. The brand carries pre- and postshaving treatments as well as barbershop-quality hair-care products."
9 Black-Owned Brands That Have All Your Grooming Needs in Mind
Popsugar - June 19, 2020
"Frederick Benjamin- Natural and clinically proven ingredients combine in this hair and shaving line specifically formulated for men of color. It’s not just about how your hair looks, but also how healthy it is, and even the styling products in this line help to promote healthy hair and scalp."
22 Black-Owned Grooming Brands to Support Now and Always
Esquire - June 19, 2020
"Wave Starter Kit by Frederick Benajmin: Here’s the secret to moisturizer hair during the dryer months, and as a bonus, it’s currently 25% off for Father’s Day."
Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Latest Trends and Grooming Products for Dad
Ebony - June 18, 2020
"The Frederick Benjamin Grooming The Regimen Hair Care ($30) will cleanse and condition his hair in no time. The formula washes away build up while also adding moisture to the scalp."
Make It a Happy Father's Day With These Great Gifts For Every Guy on Your List
Popsugar - June 13, 2020
"...add a razor bump treatment and styling creme to your cart from Frederick Benjamin. Shaving and haircare are the name of the game for Frederick Benjamin. Founder Michael James wanted to craft products that helped, not hindered, the health of Black men's hair. The collection of shaving and haircare items are available in set regimens or on their own, and you can treat your dad to a nourishing razor bump treatment or a new styling kit."
15 Black-Owned Men's Beauty Brands To Gift This Father's Day
The Zoe Report - June 13, 2020
"Looking for a new way to smooth out your skin after a shave? Then Frederick Benjamin has the cream for you. No more shaving bumps for you. Just refreshed and moisturized skin."
Growing List of Black-Owned Businesses for Men You Can Support Today
Men's Journal - June 12, 2020
"Frederick Benjamin is here to disrupt the skincare industry standard for men of color and founder Michael James is leading their charge. Using natural oils and clinical ingredients, the brand is creating effective skincare regimens that yield long lasting results."
Meet The Founders Behind 75 Black-Owned Skin Care And Cosmetics Brands You Should Be Shopping
Essence - June 12, 2020
"Frederick Benjamin Grooming- This splurge-worthy set includes 7 signature products to keep dad looking — and feeling good. "
Consider Shopping These Black-Owned Businesses For Father’s Day Gifts
Refinery29 - June 12, 2020
"Hydro Glaze Shaving Gel- If you're looking to shape up your facial hair, as opposed to going for a completely clean shave, sometimes the foaminess of traditional shaving creams can screw with your lines. That's where this gel—transparent, and lather free—comes into the mix. You can precisely trim what needs to be trimmed with full visibility, and your razor will slide effortlessly over your skin."
The 14 Best Shaving Creams to Buy Right Now
Esquire - June 11, 2020
"Frederick Benjamin- an extensive, foolproof line of haircare, hair styling, and even shaving products for men."
These Black-Owned Beauty Brands Deserve Your Support Every Day Of The Year
Elite Daily - September 28, 2020
200 Black-Owned Brands To Watch
Medium - June 26, 2020
"“Go on men growing pandemic beards!” said Dr. Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. “I bet all those ingrown hairs are gone.” (If they are not, she recommends Bump Clear from Frederick Benjamin.)"
Gentlemen, Take Control of That Beard
The New York Times - July 03, 2020
How to Fade Your Beard, According to Experts
Men's Health - July 06, 2020
How to Get Rid of Those Stubborn Ingrown Hairs
Coveteur - July 13, 2020
"“Go on men growing pandemic beards!” said Dr. Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. “I bet all those ingrown hairs are gone.” (If they are not, she recommends Bump Clear from Frederick Benjamin.)"
Gentlemen, it’s time to take control of that quarantine beard
Gulf News - July 18, 2020
How to Trim a Beard In 8 Easy Steps
Men's Health - July 20, 2020
"A post-shave treatment ideal for face *and* body. A blend of sunflower seed oil and a patented complex guarantees a soothed, smooth complexion that won't feel overly dry."
18 Products For Anyone Who's Ready To Break Up With Razor Bumps
Buzzfeed - September 05, 2020
"Frederick Benjamin's lightweight styling cream offers a grease-free way to lock moisture in place while cooling your scalp and providing a light to medium hold."
20 Hair Products That'll Help You Maintain That Mop
Esquire - July 23, 2020
100 Black-Owned Brands to Support Today and Every Day
Marie Claire - July 24, 2020
"While a conditioner does soften your beard, a good beard oil will soften it even further, plus has the added advantage of warding off the dreaded beard dandruff. No one wants to see a guy with a dusting of skin flakes down the front of his shirt after all. And perhaps the coup de grace of a good beard oil is that it will make your beard smell amazing."
How To Grow A Truly Great Beard
Esquire - August 03, 2020
"Frederick Benjamin Beard Oil-...inish the whole process off with a good beard oil that'll moisturize and help keep your facial hair looking its best. Then run a beard comb through it to distribute the oil, as well as to style your beard back into place, post-trim. This will also help reveal strays that got passed over while trimming, which you can take care of with your scissors."
How to Trim Your Beard Without a Trip to the Barber
Esquire - July 29, 2020
"The Shaving Regimen- This three-step shaving kit contains nourishing ingredients that aim to mitigate negative side effects of shaving, while also fostering a glowing complexion. "
70 Gift Ideas For Men Who Are Difficult to Shop For
Harpers Bazaar - August 10, 2020
"For Beautifully Melanated Skin - ...address the needs of Black men and all men of color, like razor bumps, in-grown hairs, and hyperpigmentation. This beard oil doubles as a primer to ease irritation from shaving and acts as a hydrating oil for skin post-shave."
HIGHSNOBIETY - September 23, 2020
"To style it into Black Panther’s textured look, Matt Southerland, at the Blind Barber, suggests a leave-in moisturizer. He likes Frederick Benjamin Daily Hydrator, or would substitute it with a light-hold styling cream. Massage a dime-size amount (to start, or more if needed) it into to damp hair. For added shine, you can also apply pomade. He recommends Frederick Benjamin Sleek Water Pomade."
How to Get Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther Haircut (And Beard, Too)
GQ - February 16, 2018
"Thin hair may carry a stigma of early signs of hair loss or immediately adds an energy of defeat. Luckily, there’s a collection of hair-defense tools that’ll have you feeling re-energized and sharp."
How to Style thin hair
"Frederick Benjamin Grooming utilizes a combination of natural oils and ingredients, such as aloe vera and witch hazel, in their products, which helps to protect, prevent, and even reduce the painful, unattractive skin irritation caused by ingrown hairs."
5 Products for Black Men to Eliminate Razor Bumps
Black Enterprise - June 29, 2017
"Michael James marketed women's beauty care products for two of the largest beauty care companies and had access to an endless array of products."
Unraveling Ggrooming for African-American men
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