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Kendrick Lamar 2017 VMAs | See the Most Surprisingly Well Groomed Guys on the VMAs 2017 Red Carpet

The Journal: Prada Tag

Posted by Naiquan Dimetrius on

The MTV VMAs returned to Inglewood, and we spotted a number of the best groomed guys on the red carpet. See who made our list!

A post shared by @ludacris on

Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges shocks and amazes us with wife Eudoxie Bridges. First time he surprised us like this was when he cut his hair back in '06. This green/grey tailored suit just got him put in the "Number One Spot" on out list.


Machine Gun Kelly

The pants could be a hit or miss, but the jacket screams so fresh and so clean. The color blocking and stripes on this Thom Browne suit are what make it appropriate for a VMA red carpet; he's both sleek and sporty. 


A post shared by Billy Eichner (@billyeichner) on

The American Horror Story: Cult actor looked dapper in a short sleeve polo and tapered pants. The '50s-esque haircut isn't too shabby either.


Drake Bell

Former Drake & Josh star Drake Bell slithered onto the VMA red carpet in an all black suit accented with Star Trek-like silver medallions  over the lapels. The look is classic with a touch of futuristic flair. 


A post shared by MTV (@mtv) on

The entire TRL revival cast is poppin', but the cool guy all  the way on the Lawrence Jackson is killing us softly. His ox blood tuxedo jacket is an ode to the boy groups of the 1960's. The jacket is fitted and pops under the lights for occasions like this.


Prada and David

The MC looked flawless in Prada and David Yurman. The jaw string on the pants which adds to the relaxed feel of the outfit. The graphic button down shirt underneath give cool pimp vibes (we're guessing butterflies is his item of choice). Overall it's a win. 


A post shared by QuavoHuncho (@quavohuncho) on

The rapper gives new age T-Birds (Grease reference for the youngins) vibes with the pastel jacket and leather pants. We support the unapologetically swagged out and rebellious threads.

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