Curly Top with Dark Fade

The Process

Short on the side with some height on the top? We dig  it. In order to pull off this style, how you tackle your texture plays a major part. Keep those hydration levels up and your curls will pop.


The Curly Hair Kit

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Keep your curls feeling soft (and looking defined) thanks to this curated regimen designed to lock-in much-needed moisture. Start with our best-selling, invigorating cooling mint shampoo and conditioner duo that won’t strip your hair. Utilize a mix of our minty-scented Daily Hydrator Styling Crème combined with our Crown Control Forming Creme for an all-day hold without the crunch. 

Features & Benefits
  • Spearmint Oil - Invigorates the scalp
  • Clove Oil - Stimulates blood flow
  • Nettle Oil - Promotes hair growth
  • Hemp Seed Oil - Adds hydration
  • Petroleum & Mineral Oil Free - Minimizes product build-up

    Our products are free of Sulfates, that zap the natural oils from the scalp, parabens and Petrolatum that goes on heavy with a greasy finish.

    • Spearmint Oil - Cools & tingles
    • Clove Oil - Stimulates blood flow
    • Nettle Oil - Promotes hair growth
    • Hemp Seed Oil - Hydrates & softens
    • Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo
    • Invigorating Moisturizer Conditioner
    • Daily Hydrator Styling Cream
    • Crown Control Curl & Twist Cream
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