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Look Damn Good

Your skin has unique needs. We’re here to help.  

Shave with Intention.

Add moisture where you need it most, while eliminating ingrown hairs. 

As a Result

Men are 50x more likely to experience a heavy, greasy finish, razor bumps & ingrowns and dry hair & itchy scalp. 

Here’s the Fix- Our products are designed to work as a Regimen.


Clinically Proven. Dermatologist Tested

Bump Clear: Post Shave + Bump Treatment 

- see the results - 

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Customer Reviews

I’m not used to my shaving products not having a lather, but overall this shave gel is well made and does the job.

-Kenyon L.

I first tried the Bump Clear and it worked like magic taking away the itch and burning. I have now tried Hydro-Glaze and the Easy Primer with the Bump Clear. WOW! these products are for real. Frederick Benjamin is the BEST product I've used period. If you shave daily and have irritation and bumps you must try Frederick Benjamin for a Bumps and Irritation.

-Rodney S.

I typically keep my hair short and get it faded from the barbershop. I've tried a variety of pomades from different brands but this Sleek Water Pomade is honestly the best I've used. It doesn't feel greasy or leave your hands oily to the touch, it smells great but subtle, and rinses out clean with no buildup. The only pomade I use to keep my waves on point!

- Shawn P.

Your Skin + Scalp are Whispering. Listen Closely.

We’ve solved the big issues in men's personal care and some of the small ones too. 


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