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All of our products are infused with Natural Oils and Oils are essential to keeping textured hair hydrated. Keeping hair hydrated helps prevent hair from being dry and briddle.


Following the Regimens will help in 3 ways

  • Unclogs the scalps pores to stimulate the hair bulb to promote growth
  • Moisturizes the hair to prevent breakage when styling
  • Nettle Oil is a natural hair growth enhancer

No more than 2x week for those with textured hair. Unless your scalp is exposed to excessive sweat, salts or chlorine.

Always follow with a conditioner

Textured hair is prone to dryness, breakage and less-pliabile. Washing daily can be the cause of your dryness by stripping the natural oils from your scalp and hair.

This will help you get waves. In addition to brushing daily, compression, the proper Wash & Style routine is key!

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