Getting intellefit™ with Christopher Gould: The Sun Salutation

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We all know the importance of stretching before a workout. But if we're being honest, most guys skip this step and head right for the weight set. So we asked the expert, Christopher T. Gould, NASM Master Trainer [NASM -National Academy of Sports Medicine], and Founder of intellefit™, to give us a simple but very important addition to our exercise routine. After all, the goal of intellefit™ is to approach exercise in a way which prevents injury, promotes recovery, improves functionality, and enhances wellbeing. So without further adieu, here's today's exercise, especially if you'll be hitting the gym on your lunch break: 

The Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation 1

The Sun Salutation 2

Step outward, raising the arms at a v-angle, expanding the chest. Breath inward as you step out. Exhale as you return to the beginning position. This move increases lung capacity, corrects muscle imbalances in the upper extremities and lowers stress levels.

The Sun Salutation 3

The Sun Salutation 4

This is ideal before hitting the bench press or chest fly machine and should be repeated multiple times as you loosen up.

 The Sun Salutation 5

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