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360 Wave Post Wash Routine for Wolfing Waves

360 Wave Post Wash Routine for Wolfing Waves

Posted by Michael James on

For wavers it’s a great time to “wolf” as in growing our hair out as much as we can to help improve our 360 wave progress and master 360 waves while wolfing.

Whether you are one of those wavers who asks, how long does it take to get waves or If you're one of the wavers whose hair grows fast, chances are you’ll have to get a wolfing waves haircut during the colder months. In the event you visit your barber for a cut, we have a post wash solution to help keep your hair and your 360 waves while wolfing moisturized.

Most beginner wavers dread washing their 360 waves following a haircut. One main reason behind this could be the fact that their waves aren’t defined enough early on in their wave journey. Another main reason is some wavers cut their hair too low but that’s another blog for another day…the fact of the matter is, if you're a rookie waver or experienced waver, the need to wash your hair before and after a fresh cut will happen. The best ways to maximize these wash days following a fresh cut is the challenge we’ll be approaching today.

The invigorating cleanser shampoo, daily hydrator, and sleek water pomade will be the three products used for today’s strategy for 360 waves wolfing.

Before we start this demo, remember this rule of thumb.

• The more your hair is moisturized, the more manageable your waves are gonna be. Let’s get started!


1. Start with washing our hair with the Frederick Benjamin Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo. To start the wash, apply our best 360 wave shampoo to wet hair, massaging your scalp completely. After the shampoo is applied, let the sulfate free wave shampoo sit in your hair for about a minute. After a minute is over, back this wash up with one more wash. The goal in the first wash was to remove any dirt and grime from previous product use, like a wave grease.

2. After rinsing the first wash, apply more shampoo for your 2nd wash. The 2nd wash will help clean your wolfing hair completely and make it more manageable to detangle, comb waves and style 360 waves. 
During your 2nd wash you should start to feel a cooling, minty sensation on your scalp. Detangle and brush your hair with the grain to style your waves in your desired pattern. Once your wolfing waves are styled and laid down, your’re gonna need something to hold and lay down your waves while wolfing and keep it in place while rinsing our hair out. Here you can add a durag or wave cap to hold your hair in place. After rinsing, pat dry your hair with a towel or use a blow dryer. 

Now that your hair is clean, styled, and laid the way you want it. We still need to add moisture to our clean hair so our waves doesn’t become brittle and dry.

After your hair is completely dry remove your durag or wave-cap. We’ve done enough brushing during our 360 wave wash session while wolfing, so brushing during this time won’t be needed.

3. We’re going to apply the Frederick Benjamin Daily Hydrator styling cream for 360 waves with the grain. For wavers it’s recommended to apply this moisturizer in sections. For example you can apply a dime size to the top, right, left, back, and crown to make sure every section is moisturized. Let the product sit in your hair for about 5 mins before applying the sleek water pomade for 360 waves. You can also put on a wave cap while you wait.

After 5 minutes remove your wave cap. Your waves should still be laid down and moisturized from the Daily Hydrator.

4. Next we’re going to add the sleek water pomade to keep our hair in place under our durag. Apply the sleek water pomade in sections the same way we applied the daily hydrator with the grain of your waves. Once you’re finished applying the wave pomade, you can use a plastic bag to help lay your hair down before you rag up. 

For added compression, put your durag on and add a wave cap on top your durag. The next time you unrag, your hair will be clean, moisturized, and your waves will be laid in place the way you desired.

360 Wave post wash routines differ from person to person. Depending on how much hair you have, you may need to apply more or less shampoo/product. If you already have a routine, some of these tips will still help in your regimen. Stay safe and stay wavy!

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