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How To Prevent Razor Bumps Before & After Shaving

How To Prevent Razor Bumps Before & After Shaving

Posted by Naiquan Dimetrius on

They're pesky, rude and irritating. Razor bumps are the worst. Lucky for you, Frederick Benjamin has a few tips on how to prevent razor bumps both before and after shaving. Read your way to comfy skin below.

Keep It Hot

Take a hot shower or run the shower and let the steam fill up the bathroom. Sit in the bathroom for about 5 minutes and let your skin absorb the steam. Hot water opens up your pores and softens your skin. You can also wet a face towel with hot water and place that onto your face for one to two minutes. This provides the best environment for the blade to be gentle to your skin and thus helps prevent razor bumps. 


Knock 'Em Dead

Exfoliating gives your razor/blade and shave cream/gel the cleanest slate possible to remove hair because it gets rid of dead cells on the skin. We recommend an oil/waterbased exfoliate that adds moisture to your skin in preparation for shaving. 

Stay Glo'd Up

Placing oil on the area that you're about to shave allows for the blade(s) of the utensil that you're using to easily glide across the face/beard instead of snagging at hairs and potentially causing irritation to your skin and thus causing razor bumps. We recommend using Frederick Benjamin's Easy Primer Pre-Shave and Face oil filled with Avocado, Grapeseed, Soybean and Olive Oils to soothe, soften and lubricate. 


The Thirst Is Real

There's a theme here to keep razor bumps at bay: moisture. The more moisture there is, the better the results and the less irritated your skin becomes. Using a moisturizing shave cream/gel aids in reducing the friction between your skin and the blade. Try shave a cream/gel that has ingredients like Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil and/or Aloe Vera for instance to reduce irritation and balance out free radicals in the skin. We recommend Hydro Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel, which goes on clear so you can see where you're shaving. This means less strokes, less mistakes and thus less irritation.

Calm, Cool and Collected

Aftercare is always the most important part of the shaving process. We recommend using a cold water splash after shaving. You want an after-shave that helps to cool and calm your skin after the slight trauma of shaving. We also recommend using Frederick Benjamin's Bump Clear Post Shave + Bump Treatment after shaving, which is water based and contains ingredients like Sunflower Seed oil which decreases inflammation in the skin.

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