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Seal and Protect: Should I Condition my Hair?

Seal and Protect: Should I Condition my Hair?

Posted by Michael James on

Styling products, from gels to heavy waxes, cause build up around the hair cuticle, requiring a deep cleansing to lift and wash away the residue of artificial oils and trapped particles. The most effective hair care regimens are focused on replenishing the moisture that cleansing shampoos tend to strip away. But for most guys, applying hair conditioner is just an extra step that can slow down their morning routines, and most men still wonder if they should condition their hair. A popular ‘solution’ has been to offer a 2-in-1. But with 60% of men with textured hair complaining of dryness and itch, compromising is not an option.

The dense coils make it difficult for the oils the scalp naturally produces to spread throughout the hair, leaving it dry, dull, and coarse to the touch. At Frederick Benjamin, we infuse high performing ingredients that treat this hair type specifically. Natural oils reinvigorate the scalp as the conditioner penetrates the hair shaft all the way to the cuticle, locking in moisture and providing a protective coating for a soft, shiny finish. Conditioning makes hair healthier and easier to style. But how can the busy gent get the most out of his grooming regimen without losing precious time?

OUR TIP: It’s best to condition after each wash, but if time is an issue, alternate your shampoo and conditioner routine. If you shampoo daily, switch to every other day and use conditioner in between.

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