Gentlemen Meet Nettle Oil

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Think of it like this — nettle oil has a starring role and your hair plays co-star in an epic movie called “Hair: Your Life in Stages.” Not to be confused with a Neti Pot, this natural herb is one of the industry’s best kept secrets — and is listed as one of the key ingredients in your arsenal of FBG haircare staples.

Remember the saying “the secret to your success is hidden in your daily routine?” Well, we like to say the secret to your hair growth and restoration begins (and ends) with nettle oil. 

Nettle Large

Known in scientific circles as Utica silica or stinging nettle, this multipurpose additive is responsible for breathing new life into your hair. It pulls double duty not only to revitalize the natural shine and softness, but restoring any current hair loss.

Loaded with high amounts of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the leaves are rich in minerals like zinc, iron, vitamin K and magnesium giving the hair follicles a much needed boost and stimulating blood flow back to the scalp.  

Nettle oil is the king of restoration, revitalization, and the only hype man you hair deserves; treat him well and it will protect your hairline. 

Surprise, surprise: this miracle worker is also found in Frederick Benjamin’s best-selling shampoo, conditioner, and daily styling cream. Trust, we are working on your hair’s behalf to provide it with scalp-forward ingredients, so you can enjoy a head full of healthy hair. In a world full of chemically-enriched alternatives, we got your back.

Nettle Oil

Beyond grooming benefits, nettle can also be used for medicinal purposes to help combat allergies, acne, and a host of other skin issues. Furthermore, you can actually boil the leaves for a refreshing and energizing cup of tea.

Your hair growth potential lies in the products you use (and the way you use them), so groom responsibly. Until next time!  

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