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Buying For Your Man: A Frederick Benjamin Grooming Shopping Guide

Buying For Your Man: A Frederick Benjamin Grooming Shopping Guide

Posted by SmartSites Collaborator on

 While most Frederick Benjamin Grooming blog posts are tailored to men and improving their process with our brand, we’re switching things up and giving ladies some needed attention.

The holidays are quickly approaching with Halloween on the horizon and buying gifts for your man will be the hardest part of your shopping experience. “Buy me whatever; I don’t really want anything special.” That’s the typical answer you’ll get when asking men what they want as a gift.

Instead of heading to Nordstroms and copping the standard cologne and tie duo, opt with buying grooming products on Ulta's website, where you can get a few free samples for yourself.

If you’re not familiar with buying men’s products, here are some quick facts to make shopping for bae a breeze.

Natural and Safe

Frederick Benjamin Grooming 1

We’re very aware of women’s knowledge of ingredients and how conscious they are about healthy ingredients going into their hair. As men are a little more clueless about products, natural and safe products still should be an important point when picking out a grooming brand. It’s natural to purchase products that are trendy, but sometimes, these products are not the healthiest choice for hair. Frederick Benjamin has numerous options in products that are all safe and healthy for men’s hair. No need to look in the ingredients for sulfate or overly harsh fragrances; you won’t find them. With natural oils and ingredients, Frederick Benjamin keeps your man healthy and moisturized.

The Wash Process

When looking for products to purchase, it’s important to purchase a “routine”, not just one product out of the wash process. Just as you would purchase a shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer, purchase the same for your man. Some men only own shampoo and don’t use conditioner, which can strip the dirt from your hair but doesn’t put the moisture back into the hair. What’s amazing about Frederick Benjamin Grooming is the three different packages all containing products to complete the whole wash process. The Line comes complete with the Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner, Daily Hydrator and Sleek Water Pomade. It’s a one-purchase go that saves you time and trouble looking for a complete washing set.

Twist Sponge

Twist Sponge Brush 2

I remember walking in my brother’s bathroom and seeing an extra large sponge on the counter and being completely confused. I asked him why he had the cleaning sponge just sitting on the counter and he followed up with laughing at me. Little did I know, this was a product used to twist his hair. While we, ladies, can rake and crunch to get our curls and twist, men have this amazing product to get the same look. If you man is growing out his hair, adding in Frederick Benjamin’s Twist Sponge for a stocking stuffer or an addition to make your gift bag fuller.

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