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Fashion Week Spring/Summer 19' Preview

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 19' Preview

Posted by Necole Jackson on


New York and Milan Fashion Week have come to a close with Paris being the next city to debut the newest trends for Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 19’. The pricer, notable fashion houses are on schedule to debut their designs this week, such as Saint Laurent, Off-White and Givenchy. All eyes will be on these powerhouses, yet, ours are still reflecting on the designs shown in Milan and New York. It is undeniable fast-fashion stores like Zara, H&M for Men and ASOS will redistribute the same designs in their stores, which makes these brands current hype beast of Fashion Week. Here’s a quick rundown of three brands making statements for the Spring and trends you'll be seeing in the streets.

Pyer Moss

Fashion Week


As the show took place in Brooklyn for New York Fashion Week, Kerby Jean Raymond’s designs and rich pro-black overall show aligned together to make this show nothing more than blackity-black. The designs are very casual, similar to old school t-shirts found in your parents closet that are still in good condition. Color blocking pieces with neutral statements were the highlight for men. With the collaboration this brand had with Reebok producing this project, the hypebeast to get the collection will soon follow.  

Riccardo Tisci for Burberry

Fashion Week 2


As Burberry is the statement designs for the working middle class with luxury looks, Burberry this season stayed true to theme with its new collection under Riccardo Tisci. With the rise of urban wear, Burberry has taken their British feel and incorporated minimalist streetwear with Burberry signature colors on the runway. Baggier pants are back switching out the trend on skinny fitted or heavily tailored pants. Heavy prints outside the Burberry signature were also shown on the runway. The spring season will be a statement piece-season for the all true fans.

Tom Ford

Fashion Week 3


If Jay-Z taught you anything, Tom Ford is essential in every man’s closet. He’s not the only one who loves the designs. On most red carpet events, Tom Ford is the go-to classic suit for black tie events. With embellished three-piece suits serving as their brand’s signature design, each season the designer brings a different element to the classic. As sexy Renaissance and Bond-esk dramatics were on-theme for women, the same feeling was for men. All-black and all-neutral colors with satin trousers, everyday jackets with evening wear and statement eyewear are all essentials every man needs in their closet. As the weather shifts to fall, expect to see more mix of evening and casual and minimalistic looks in retail stores.


Picture Credit: Pyer Moss, Burberry & Tom Ford

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