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Three Ways to Know When Your Shampoo Isn’t Working

Three Ways to Know When Your Shampoo Isn’t Working

Posted by Necole Jackson on


Yes, it’s the season of shopping for loved ones, but there are some gifts you should be picking out for yourself, like a new shampoo. Men commonly purchase popular hair care products, but seldom investigate if the products are properly doing its job on their hair. To commonly put it, if the product is leaving your hair unhealthy, it’s just not into you, bro. You need to depart ways. But, how do you know if your shampoo isn’t working with your hair? Here are three easy signs your hair is sending distress signals and needing a better shampoo.

The most common and first sign your shampoo is lacking in performance is a Dry, Itchy Scalp. Chances are it contains ingredients that are drying and flaking your hair. If your product doesn’t say sulfate-free, this can be the culprit to your problem. Sulfate strips moisture from the scalp and the hair, leaving your hair dry and itchy. If you recently washed your hair and your scalp feels as if it hasn’t been washed for a year, it can be the shampoo. 

Even though men’s hair is mostly shorter than women’s, you can still notice this next problem, which is Thinning of the Hair. You’ll notice balding spots and your scalp more visible where hair used to be. Hair thinning makes for easy shedding and breakage. This is something you won’t notice instantly, overtime you will see your hair starting to thin out. When spotting this action, it’s important to take immediate action in rectifying the problem.

The last and easily noticed problem is Brittle Hair. After washing your hair with shampoo, if your hair feels brittle, hard and lackluster, chances are your shampoo is sucking the moisture out of your hair. Conditioner can only do so much with solving this problem. You’re shampoo should be stripping the dirt, yes, but not completely drying out your hair.

If you’re suffering from Dry, Brittle or Thinning Hair, keep reading for the ultimate solution!

Need New Shampoo?

Okay, so we told you the indicators of needing a new shampoo. Next step should be evaluating what shampoo could work for your hair. There are many qualities you should look for when shopping for a new shampoo. First, you want to purchase a shampoo that is safe for your hair. Many store-bought shampoos contain harmful ingredients, which easily penetrate your bloodstream when applied. Finding natural options can drastically improve the condition of your hair while keeping you safe. Frederick Benjamin’s Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo contains is sulfate and synthetic fragrance-free.

Next, you want to evaluate the healthy ingredients in the shampoo and see if they tailor toward your needs for a shampoo. The most common desire in shampoo is hydration, hair growth and cleanse. The Invigorating Shampoo is amazing because it takes care of all those needs. The Hemp Seed Oil hydrates and stimulates the hair, the Nettle Oil promotes hair growth while containing cleaning properties for removing buildup.

Lastly, nothing indicates a good shampoo than using the product on your hair. After finding the shampoo that fits the match, try the product on your hair and see how your hair feels after being washed. If it feels moisturized, soft and healthy, you’ve found your new shampoo. We’re also quite certain after washing with the Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo, you’ll have the same reaction.

Don’t just take our word for Frederick Benjamin’s Invigorating Shampoo. Click here to read reviews on how this product helped with brittle, dry or thinning hair.

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