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How To Ease The Pain of Shaving With Pre-Shave Oil

Posted by Thierry Augustin on

There’s almost nothing worse than post-shave irritation. The burning, stinging, redness, not to mention ingrown hairs or razor bumps are almost too much to bear. And it seems to get worse and worse the closer you shave. What can do you to stop the pain? Use a pre-shave oil!

For the guys that love a clean-shaven look but hate the pain that comes from daily shaving, we have one key suggestion: pre-shave oil. In order to have your best shave, you need to reduce the friction between your blade and your face. That's where pre-shave oil comes in!

So What Does It Do?

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It’s probably one of the most underrated products in your shaving arsenal. A proper shave goes something like this: cleanse face, add shaving cream, shave, splash with cool water, and then regret everything you just did.

That’s because most shaving creams don’t provide enough lubrication to reduce the irritation from blade to skin contact.

Preparing for a shave is just as important as the actual mechanics. So how do you get a pain-free shave? Prime your skin with a pre-shave oil.

A shave oil does three things: (1) hydrates the skin to encourage razor glide (2) adds a protective layer again blade contact and (3) softens the hairs so they come away easier with each stroke.

Without a shave oil you’ll be repeating strokes over the same area,inevitably leading to nicks, cuts, and of course increased irritation. That’s why our rule is: the less strokes, the better the shave.

If you want a better shave without the hassle, start with Frederick Benjamin Easy Primer pre-shave oil. It's made with natural avocado and grapeseed oils to soften hair, moisturize skin, and lubricate the blade to promote better glide and a smoother shave. It works perfectly under your favorite cream or  shave gel. Plus you can use it as a face oil to keep you skin fresh, smooth, and bright!

Shaving doesn't have to be a pain. Get started on your Frederick Benjamin shaving regimen today!

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