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Bump Clear razor bump cream gets rid of annoying razor bump cream

This Razor Bump Cream Gets Rid of Razor Bumps for Good!

Posted by Antonio Wells on

Gazing into the mirror, chin lifted, head turning from side to side—there they are, those pesky razor bumps. A common plight for many, yet a nuisance that feels uniquely yours. It's a moment of realization that men's skincare is not just a luxury but a necessity. And for men of color, this realization hits even harder due to the higher frequency of razor bumps, a frustration that seems to have no end. But fear not; for every grooming challenge, there's a solution, and a razor bump cream alleviates irritation.

Getting Rid of  Razor Bumps

What Are Razor Bumps & Why Do They Form?


Razor bumps, known in the dermatological world as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, are not picky about where they show up—as long as there’s hair being removed, whether through shaving, waxing, or tweezing, they’re likely to make an appearance. These troublesome bumps and pustules emerge when hairs decide to curl back into the skin.


It's akin to your body mistaking them for intruders, similar to how it would react to a splinter, sparking off an inflammatory response. This battle under your skin can lead to an array of unwanted signs: bumps, pus-filled blemishes, skin discoloration, and even keloidal scars, turning what should be a smooth aftermath into a battleground of irritation and discomfort.

Razor Bumps Unraveled


Razor bumps are not just any irritation. They're ingrown hairs that curl back into the skin instead of rising out, leading to raised bumps or painful sores that mar the landscape of your jaw, neck, or even the back of your neck. According to Black Enterprise, a staggering 80% of African-American men will face this issue at some point, a statistic that highlights the urgency for an effective solution.

The Root Cause


Razor bumps don't discriminate by the blade or your age; they result from improper hair removal techniques, whether it's through shaving, plucking, or tweezing, putting you at risk of infection and inflammation. And if you thought the latest multi-blade razor could spare you the trouble, think again. Coarse, curly hair types (such as Black men or men of color) are especially prone to this dilemma, making an impeccable shaving routine not just preferable but essential.

Prevention: The First Step to Smooth Skin


Achieving a bump-free shave starts with the right routine. First, prepping the skin with the right moisturizing is key. Next, using a sharp blade is crucial to a razor bump-free face. Finally, add a soothing moisturizer to finish. Here are three simple steps for the best razor bump remover routine:

Razor Bump Removal Routine


  1. Moisturize the Skin: Apply your favorite moisturizer (or try our Hydro Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel!) Our shaving gel goes on clear so you can see what you're shaving, which means fewer mistakes and no additional blade strokes to correct them. That's less irritation, plus it lifts the hair, creating a pain-free path to the exact look you want. Remember, less friction means less irritation! After shaving, rinse with cool water to close the pores and start the soothing and healing process. Use a towel to pat the face dry finish.
  2. Use a Sharp Razor: To sidestep the ordeal of razor bumps, always opt for a sharp razor, your first line of defense against the skin's inflammatory outcry and the ensuing landscape of irritation.
  3. Protection from Razor Bumps: After shaving, try our Bump Clear razor bump cream to soothe and moisturize your face and neck. It's also clinically proven, and dermatologists recommend it for reducing, eliminating, and preventing razor rash and bumps.

Alternatively, check out the routine in this video:


Grain Mapping: Your Shaving Compass


Understanding the direction of your hair growth, or grain mapping, is crucial. This technique reduces the tension between blade, hair, and skin, allowing for a shave that's 'with the grain' and less likely to irritate or cause ingrown hairs.

Hydration: The Key to a Smooth Glide


 Hydro-Glaze Shave for moisturizing before shaving

The right products can make or break your shave. Traditional aerosols and foams can obscure your view and lack the necessary slip. Opt for a pre-shave routine that maintains moisture, like the Easy Primer Pre-Shave & Beard Oil, followed by the Hydro-Glaze Shave Gel for a clear, smooth shave that cools and soothes.


Why did we develop these products? These are products specifically designed for men of color by men of color. They contain aloe extract, which heals and moisturizes the skin. Plus, it contains witch hazel to cleanse and soothe inflammation.

Dealing with Existing Bumps


Over 97% of men saw results in days with daily use of Frederick Benjamin Grooming's Bump Clear razor bump cream.

Over 97% of men saw results in days with daily use of Frederick Benjamin Grooming's Bump Clear razor bump cream.


If razor bumps have already made their unwelcome appearance, Bump Clear offers a clinically proven respite. With over 97% of users reporting a significant decrease in bumps within 14 days, this treatment addresses current issues and prevents future ones. Its blend of natural oils, anti-bacterial, and active ingredients provides a gentle yet effective solution without the harsh sting of alcohol-based after-shaves.


Why Bump Clear?


Bump Clear works for men of all races.
Bump Clear works for men of all races.


Bump Clear razor bump cream gets rid of annoying razor bumps

Bump Clear razor bump cream gets rid of annoying razor bumps. It stands out not just for its effectiveness but for its understanding of the problem. It goes beyond treating symptoms and addressing the root causes with a formula designed for the unique challenges men of color face. Its combination of hydration, protection, and treatment makes it a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to improve their grooming routine and say goodbye to razor bumps for good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Razor Bumps

How Do You Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast?


To swiftly banish razor bumps, embrace a multi-faceted approach: initiate with a gentle exfoliation to free trapped hairs, follow up with a soothing, anti-inflammatory aftershave like Bump Clear to calm irritation, diligently apply a targeted treatment formulated with salicylic acid or glycolic acid to exfoliate and clear the pores, and moisturize with products rich in natural oils to heal and protect the skin. Additionally, give your skin a break from shaving to allow it to heal, ensuring your next shave involves a sharp, clean razor and proper technique to prevent future bumps.

Does Vaseline Stop Razor Bumps?


While not a cure for razor bumps, Vaseline can act as a barrier to protect the skin and lock in moisture post-shave, potentially reducing the risk of irritation and helping to soothe the skin.


However, it's crucial to address the root causes of razor bumps—such as using a sharp razor, shaving in the direction of hair growth, and employing proper aftercare—with targeted treatments and products designed specifically to prevent and treat razor bumps for a more effective solution. Furthermore, Vaseline is a petroleum-based grease known for clogging the pores, creating greater skin irritation issues post-shave.

Final Thoughts


Razor bumps are more than just a cosmetic concern; they're a barrier to confidence and comfort. But with the right knowledge, tools, and products like Bump Clear, you can transform your skin's health and appearance. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling your best, every day. Welcome to a future where razor bumps are a thing of the past and your skin's health shines as brightly as your confidence.

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