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How Should Wavers Use Compression For Their Hair Waves?

How Should Wavers Use Compression For Their Hair Waves?

Posted by Maliki Durant on

You can't get 360 hair waves without using compression. It's a key part in the wave-building process. So this week, we'll discuss two popular compression options for hair waves and which one may work best for you based on your day-to-day activities.

Wave cap

Wave caps can be used in various ways to assist your progress. Personally I use my wave cap for my wash sessions when my hair is softer after I shampoo, condition and moisturize my hair. And I definitely use one when I wear hats. If you want your wave cap to  have a more snug fit, tie a knot at the top for a custom fit.

how to get 360 waves compression using a wave cap for your hairstyle black men popular natural hair styles

Wave caps can also be used after you apply your favorite styling product and need time for that product to set in. If you exercise frequently, wearing a wave cap under a sports cap would be ideal. Wave caps can also provide compression to lay your hair down, but I wouldn't recommend sleeping in your wave cap by itself as it tends to move if you toss and turn at night.  


Using a durag is the recommended way to compress your waves when going to bed. Some wavers use their durag during their wash session. A durag or wave cap can work with your wash sessions but it's all personal preference.

how to get 360 waves compression using a durag for your hairstyle black men popular natural hair styles

One issue I hear from wavers all the time is about having the dreaded 'durag line' on their forehead. This issue might be caused by either tying your durag too tight, or adding too many levels of compression. I like to single tie my durag, and then add a wave cap for slightly additional compression.  

Once you get to the point where you're comfortable with your compression you’ll start to see a bigger difference in your progress. Being consistent in laying your hair down is almost important than brushing for it preserves all the work you put in with the brush. If you’re interested in showing us how you compress, post an image on Instagram using the hashtag #WaverWednesday and we’ll check it out. Until next time, keep those brushes moving!


Kado is the founder of Elite Spins, a digital community for wavers to share product reviews, methods, and tips. Connect with him personally on Instagram and follow the Elite Spins page.

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