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What You Need To Know About Beard Care

What You Need To Know About Beard Care

Posted by Michael James on

Beard or no beard? — to be honest, it ultimately doesn’t matter. Facial hair does not make a man. Neither does the car he drives or the designer sneaker he wears.

What really makes a man is how he cares for himself — and, since your face is your official calling card, you must remember to be kind to yourself and unwind. What else really matters? That you feel good and look good. Whichever style you choose to rock, clean shaved, goatee, or a full beard, you must care for your facial hair properly.

From the rookie to the veteran, we teach all types of men about the art of beard care. Welcome to beard care 101, take copious notes because the class is in session!

Bet on Au Naturale

Staying true to our brand’s mantra, we infuse natural ingredients into each one of our products. However, we also hate when things get complicated, so we created several regimens to help you navigate the natural grooming path towards your best beard yet.

The Bald and Bearded Grooming Kit

Start with a warm shower (p.s. the steam will help soften facial hair). Once those pores are open and ready for more nutrients, apply a generous amount of Easy Primer formulated with avocado, grapeseed, soybean, and olive oils.

Why this specific mix? These oils are beneficial for beard care and have been proven to provide healthy hair growth, moisturize hair, and prevent dry, flaky skin.

Wash Your Beard

Are you walking around, grinning at people with all types of debris and food stuck on your face? Like who raised you? Seriously, you have to wash your entire mug.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the vanity and maintenance of the beard that we momentarily forget there is still skin underneath. Fellas, do what is right for your beard by simply washing your face fur regularly to assist with some of the most common issues like dried out or itchy follicles.

We suggest washing and conditioning twice a week with our beard wash and following-up with our beard cream to alleviate this problem – this is sure to leave your beard soft and irresistible.

Keep It Consistent and Shave

Many of us are not called to serve in the beard ministry, so let it go and shave it off your face. Behind every man’s clean-shaven face is a bevy of Frederick Benjamin products designed with him in mind. After all, who wants patchy stubble?

Of course, we recommend purchasing our shaving regimen for the best shave possible. Our Hydro Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel is a specially formulated clear shave gel that provides a natural protective barrier to help the razor glide for a comfortable, pain-free, and precise shave. Plus, it contains one of nature’s best beauty secrets, aloe vera, to help heal and moisturize the skin.

Post-shave, it's important to ensure that no razor or hair bumps occur. Our clinically- tested and dermatologist-approved Bump Clear, After Shave & Bump Treatment is a hydrating and fragrance-free treatment lotion that soothes and hydrates skin. Apply it twice a day to your razor bump area after shaving to start seeing results as soon as possible.

Remember: it’s not about being the fastest or most skilled; it is about who has what it takes to care for your facial hair during a strike, no-shave November or worse, a pandemic.

What Is the Secret to Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs from Shaving?

Ingrown hairs suck. We know it, you know it. So what are they? Why do you get them? And how do you prevent or get rid of them? In this blog post, we’ll tackle all the tough questions to keep you looking your best—without the frustration, pain and irritation.

What Are Ingrown Hairs?

They’re defined as curled hairs that grow under the skin instead of outward—the result is a raised bump or painful, sensitive sore. Ingrown hairs are the consequence of the removal of hair by shaving or plucking. That means whether you use your razor, tweezers, or even your hands, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Why Do You Get Them?

Shaving is equal parts art and science. Ingrown hair or razor bumps, which is classified as pseudofolliculitis barbae, is a common skin condition for men anywhere from age 14 to well over 60. Yes, that means you can start having issues from your very first shave! And no, they don’t only happen when you use a straight razor or single blade.

The fact is, razor bumps can happen even if you use the most high-tech multi-blade.
Additionally, the coarser your hair pattern is, the more likely it is that you’ll suffer from ingrown hairs.

Now, some recommendations include growing a beard, shaving less frequently, or changing your tool. But it’s all about how you shave.

How Do You Prevent Them?

You have to trust the process. The best-kept secrets to a pain-free, bump-free shave are keeping a sharp razor, pre-shave prep, shaving with the grain, and consistent lubrication. The first is critical. Dull blades tend to pull hairs instead of cutting them. Also, blades usually become dull after use if they stay wet. So rule #1 is: don’t let your blades air dry! Make sure that you pat your razor dry with a towel before storing it away.

Understanding Your Hair Growth Patterns

The second key is knowing how your hair grows. The adage ‘go with the flow’ applies here too. Grain mapping (or seeing the direction your hairs grow before shaving) is a great way to decrease the tension between the blades and your hair and skin. Just pull your skin taut and get into the mirror; you’ll start to see the patterns that form with new growth. Then, you’ll then know how to position your blade to cut with the grain consistently.

Prime. Shave. Moisturize

The third key is to maintain moisture before, during, and post-shave. That’s where we come in! Our three-step system is designed to do just that, and it’s been clinically proven to reduce and prevent razor bumps in as little as two weeks.

It starts with our Easy Primer pre-shave oil. A great shave starts by softening the skin and hair before applying the razor. The next step is our foam-free Hydro-Glaze cooling aloe shave gel. And yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. The clear shave gel lets you see exactly where you’re shaving, meaning fewer strokes, nicks, and irritation. Moreover, the cooling aloe maintains moisture on the skin while reducing friction between the skin and blades.

The final step is our soothing Bump Clear post-shave moisturizer. Just like your daily lotion, you can apply the post-shave liberally to commonly affected areas along the jawline and neck. It’s also infused with natural oils, anti-bacterial, and prescription actives to eliminate razor bumps and prevent future irritation.

However, if you're still experiencing bumps, irritation, scraps, or cuts, they are signs that your shave is taking a wrong turn somewhere.

Naturally, as grooming experts, we want to help, and we know that several factors go into an efficient, effective, and pain-free shave. With the help of our products, we want to make you look and feel confident every time you pick up a razor. Read on to find out the top five mistakes most men make while shaving – and of course, how to fix them fast!

Mistake No. 1: Skipping Out on Exfoliation

I know, I know, this seems like an extra step. But, a pre-shave exfoliating solution will remove unwanted (and unnecessary) dead skin cells from your face, allowing for a cleaner cut and reducing the likelihood of getting razor bumps on the back end. Incorporating a little exfoliation between 2-to-3 times per week could make all the difference in your shave. However, don’t go too crazy; over-exfoliation will leave your skin feeling sensitive and raw. #NotCool.

Mistake No. 2: Selecting a Sub-Par Razor

Take it from us who has experienced too many trial-and-errors and gone through many razors to count before finding the perfect match. Buying a razor can feel a bit complicated at first, but it all boils down to the blade technology when selecting the proper one.

Different strokes for different folks—listen, one-size-fits-all is not the answer here. If you find that multi-blade razors aren’t leaving with baby-smooth skin, it is time to make the switch to a single-blade razor. We're personally a fan of shopping online for razors — you can read more reviews, plus have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Mistake No. 3: Using Old School Shaving Cream

Butter, cream, foam, or gel? Who knew there were so many options in the shaving arena. If you're still using thick, lathery shaving foam (or cream), that could explain why you’re still having problems with bumps and irritation. It’s time to embrace the new era of shaving gel. Meet Frederick Benjamin’s best-selling Hydro Glaze Shave Gel.

Not only is it foam-free, but it is also designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, plus it leaves little-to-no mess to clean up. Believe us, shaving butters and gels are the top-shelf shaving solutions—especially if you have sensitive skin. Post-shave, try our best-selling Bump Clear to calm and soothe skin, plus stop bumps before they start.

Mistake No. 4: Using Too Much Pressure

If you have selected the right razor (see mistake no. 2 for context), the blade should already be sharp, which means you don't have to use a lot of pressure to get decent results. Muscling up and using too much force with your razor could result in irritation, or worse, cuts. After all, nobody wants a cut-up face from shaving. So, be calm, be cool, and don't use too much pressure while you shave. That’s it, that's the tweet.

Mistake No. 5: Not Prepping Your Skin Properly

If you got this far in this article (and plan on following our advice), consider this option: plan your shaves in advance. Downtime may be limited, but during your next shave, consider drenching a cloth in hot water and either drape or run it across your face until it cools down.

Why? Doing so will open your pores and soften the hair on your face — all making it less likely to irritate your skin. Opt for this method before applying FBG’s Easy Primer Skin & Beard Oil to shield the skin against razor burn.

Three Myths about Shaving and the Truth You Need to Know

Looking your best and feeling great does not have to come with the cost of painful and unsightly shaving irritation. We all know the pain when the razor nicks your neck, causing a dark rash or, even worse, ingrown hairs!

However, there isn't a need to fret – we've got you covered with the right information (not all advice is good advice and are ready to help you separate the truth from fiction. Trust us; your face will thank you later!

Myth #1: Pre-Shave Routines Are Only for Sensitive Skin

FALSE! In fact, every guy should be doing proper shave prep before putting a blade to their face. The key to a great shave is to reduce friction between the skin and the razor. To ensure a superior experience make sure your face is squeaky clean and exfoliated; you will need a clean mug to achieve maximum success.

A great way to do that is to apply pre-shave oil to increase razor glide and soften the hair to protect against irritation, bumps, and burns.Try Easy Primer to start your shave the right way!

Myth #2: You Need a Good, Foaming Lather to Get a Close Shave

FALSE! We are programmed to believe a thick lather ensures a better shave. The thick foam stops you from seeing where you're shaving, leading to more cuts, nicks, and irritation. Instead, get knocked out, go foam-free with a clear shave gel. Fewer strokes, less irritation, less drama, AND more accuracy? What more do you need? Plus you'll get the cooling sensation and moisturizing effect of aloe. Never miss a spot with Hydro-Glaze shave gel!

Myth #3: If Your Aftershave Doesn't Sting, then it's Not Working!

FALSE! Alcohols in some aftershave tighten and dry the skin; instead of giving the moisture, you need post-shave, causing irritation and, in some cases, acne. In addition, your skin needs to recover and be rehydrated. So stop reaching for your father’s aftershave and venture over to a safer, less aggressive solution.

That's why you need a post-shave lotion to soothe and moisturize your skin--plus, you can keep razor bumps and in-grown hairs at bay with our clinically proven Bump Clear.

Shop the Complete Line Here!

It's all about the right system to achieve the right shave. That's the Frederick Benjamin way. That’s the Frederick Benjamin difference. That’s the Frederick Benjamin lifestyle!

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