Who is Frederick Benjamin?

A Letter from The Founder

At Frederick Benjamin, we're committed to producing natural, high quality grooming products that work, period. So for your personal morning routine or if you're a grooming professional, we only bring you the best--something that my grandfather would be proud to see. 

I remember watching my grandfather walk around the lumber yard, this quiet but undeniable presence that made him who he was. That's the reason why I named my company after him. It was in his demeanor, and what his attitude brought out of others around him. It was in his vision, the ability to take what would've become a fledgling turpentine business in 1939 and grow it into a logging and sawmill company that would serve the better part of the eastern seaboard for decades. It was in his ridiculous attention to detail, wanting to set a standard so that everything he produced was undeniable in quality. And he did this in a world where he certainly wasn't welcome and on a good day was barely tolerated. 

That's why I knew I had to make something for us, to use my experience in the industry to create products focused on the specific issues we face, to make something with that same attention to detail.

When you buy Frederick Benjamin, you're buying into a legacy and into the future. Thanks for being a part of the journey.


Michael James

Founder, Frederick Benjamin Grooming