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Men's Wash & Style 7-pc Set with 360 Wave & Beard Brush: Sculpt Your Style, Pamper Your Scalp, Hydrate Your Hair

Good for: Full Styling Kit Hair Growth High Shine Moisturizing
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Introducing our exclusive Men's Wash & Style Set – the ultimate grooming experience designed for the modern man who demands superior care for his hair and scalp. Elevate your daily routine with this curated collection that combines the best in scalp care, deep moisture, and versatile styling.

**1. Scalp Soothing Shampoo:**
Begin your grooming ritual with our revitalizing Scalp Soothing Shampoo. Specially formulated to cleanse and invigorate the scalp, this shampoo goes beyond cleansing by providing a gentle touch to your scalp. Feel the refreshing sensation as it clears away impurities, leaving your scalp balanced and ready for the next steps in your routine.

**2. Super Moisturizing Conditioner:**
Follow up with our Super Moisturizing Conditioner, a luxurious blend that drenches your hair in deep hydration. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, this conditioner helps to strengthen and replenish moisture, leaving your hair silky smooth and remarkably manageable. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a touchably soft mane.

**3. Daily Hydrator:**
Our Daily Hydrator is the secret weapon for maintaining hydration throughout the day. This lightweight, non-greasy formula is perfect for daily use, ensuring that your hair stays moisturized and vibrant. It's the ideal solution for men who want to keep their hair looking and feeling healthy without weighing it down.

**4. Choose Your Styling Hero:**
Select your styling sidekick from our lineup of premium products. For those who prefer dry styling, our Option 1 Pomade is a game-changer. It provides a firm yet flexible hold for a sleek and polished look. If you're the type who styles hair while wet, our Crown Control styling option is the perfect choice. It tames and shapes wet hair effortlessly, allowing you to craft your desired look with ease.

Transform your grooming routine with the Men's Wash & Style Set – a complete solution that caters to your scalp, drenches your hair in moisture, and empowers you to style with confidence. Unleash the best version of your hair every day, and save 25% when you embark on this journey of superior grooming.
Sulfate free

Sulfate Free

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Paraben Free

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Petrolatum Free

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Synthetic Fragrance Free

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Why Use The Line

Coarse, curly and wavy hair are all prone to dryness, leaving the scalp itchy and flaky and the hair dry and dull. That's why our products are bundled in easy-to-follow Regimens that take a problem/solution approach to scalp and hair care. Though each item is effective alone, you get the best results when used as a regimen.

Our Special Formulas

Our formulas are infused with Active Natural Oils of 🥶 Cooling Mint to open scalps pores and gently cleanse, Clove and Nettle Oils to help promote the scalp's blood flow 💆🏽‍♂️and promote hair growth 📈and Hemp Seed to infused 💦 hydration and ✨shine. Non-Intoxicating you'll still pass that drug test!

Getting the results

Wet hair using warm water. Next, massage a quarter-sized of shampoo onto the scalp and hair using the pads of fingertips (not nails!) Rinse well, then follow with a quarter-sized of conditioner, allowing to penetrate hair follicles for at least two minutes. To style, rub a nickel-sized amount of the Daily Hydrator into palms and work into hair while wet or damp. Next spread a nickel-size amount of Sleek Water Pomade evenly into palms and work into desired style.