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Sleek Water Pomade

$ 16.00
Water-based pomade goes on light
Best Seller

The Regimen - Hair Care

$ 30.00 $ 36.00
Best for itchy, dry scalp & hair
Save 15%

The Ultimate Wave Kit

$ 65.00 $ 77.00
Wash & style kit for 360 waves
Save 19%

The Twist & Curls Kit

$ 55.00 $ 68.00
Wash & style kit for sponge curl
Save 19%

The Line - Hair Care System

$ 55.00 $ 68.00
Try the entire hair line to find your routine
Save 13%

The Curly Hair Kit

$ 45.00 $ 52.00
Wash & style kit for curly hair

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Best Seller

The Regimen - Hair Care

$ 30.00 $ 36.00
Best for itchy, dry scalp & hair

A Standard to Stand By

We are a movement dedicated to empowering men of color to look and feel their absolute best. Our mission is to redefine the standards of grooming by offering high-quality products that cater specifically to the unique needs of melanated skin and hair.

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We aren’t new to this, we are true to this. Since 2016, Frederick Benjamin has owned the conversation about men of color and their grooming experience.

True Expertise

We use a problem-solution approach to our product formulas to combine essential natural oils with clinical ingredients—all while remaining free of common irritants (like drying alcohols and petrolatum).

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