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Best Pomade for Waves

Best Pomade for Waves

Posted by Antonio Wells on

Beyond brushing and compression, getting 360 waves requires haircare products such as a pomade. For Black men or individuals with textured, coily hair, selecting the right pomade is crucial for maintaining and enhancing this cool hairstyle. In this article, we explore the top pomades available in the market, assessing their ingredients, effectiveness, and suitability for different hair types.


Understanding Pomade Types


There are primarily two types of pomades: water-based and oil-based. Water-based pomades offer easier washability and less buildup, while oil-based products provide a stronger hold and increased moisture retention, which is beneficial for thicker, coarser hair types.


Best Pomade for Waves


Sleek Water Pomade by Frederick Benjamin Grooming


Sleek Water Pomade by Frederick Benjamin Grooming



  • Pros: Offers a medium-to-strong hold without the weight of traditional pomades, water-based for ease of washing out, includes hemp seed oil which nourishes the hair while maintaining a matte shine.
  • Cons: Although lighter, may not have the longevity of hold compared to some oil-based alternatives.


Murray’s Pomade


  • Pros: Strong hold, enhances shine, cost-effective.
  • Cons: Heavy texture, can clog pores, and is difficult to wash out.


Ocean View Deep Waves Pomade


  • Pros: Water-based for easy application and washout; promotes hair health with added nutrients.
  • Cons: Less hold compared to traditional oil-based pomades.


WaveBuilder Deep Wave Pomade


  • Pros: Strong hold, contains nutrients like grapeseed oil for coarser textures.
  • Cons: Potentially heavy and might require thorough washing due to buildup.


Key Ingredients to Look For


Frederick Benjamin Grooming's Sleek Water Pomade for 360 Waves



Ingredients play a pivotal role in a pomade's effectiveness. I look for products that contain natural oils such as argan, jojoba, or coconut oil, which moisturize and protect the hair without excessive grease. I avoid pomades with harsh chemicals or heavy waxes that can irritate the scalp or block pores.


Water-based pomades for 360 waves don't clog the pores, plus easier to manage & wash


Application Tips for Optimal Results


  • I apply a small amount of pomade to damp hair for easier distribution.
  • After applying pomade, I use a durag or wave cap to help set the waves.
  • Regular brushing and maintenance are required to maintain the wave pattern.


Rinse and repeat these steps to get sea-sick 360 waves!


What to Avoid


When choosing the right pomade for your waves, it's essential to be mindful of certain ingredients that could potentially harm your hair and scalp health. Among these, petrolatum stands out as a significant component to avoid. Often derived from crude oil, petrolatum is commonly used in hair products for its moisture-sealing properties. However, its occlusive nature can block pores and prevent the scalp from breathing, leading to buildup and possibly inhibiting hair growth. Over time, this can not only weigh down your waves but also detract from the overall health of your hair. Prioritizing pomades that are free from petrolatum will ensure better scalp health and more vibrant waves.

Additionally, heavy application and reliance solely on pomade for wave maintenance are common mistakes. Overuse can lead to scalp issues and hinder the natural wave process. I balance using pomades with proper hair care routines, including regular washing and deep conditioning. Although you don't have to wash as often, when you do, try to use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for textured hair and don't have harsh ingredients.


Choosing the best pomade depends on your specific hair type and personal preferences. For those beginning their wave journey, lighter, water-based pomades might be preferable, while more established waves could benefit from the moisturizing properties of oil-based products. I encourage experimenting with different products to find the perfect match for your hair needs, ensuring it complements your overall wave maintenance routine.

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