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Where to Eat: Chocolat Harlem

Posted by Michael James on

Savory eats, delectable desserts, and a fully stocked bar? Sounds like Chocolat Harlem! What used to be beyond the upper limits of where a cabbie would take you is now a bustling extension of the Upper West Side. Owner Leon Ellis took what some might've called a big risk in 2003 when he opened up Moca Lounge on Frederick Douglas Boulevard but now the upper Manhattan neighborhood has seen a resurgence that allows trendy restaurants like Chocolat to flourish. 


The modern decor frames the cozy atmosphere, with a full menu of old favorites, refreshed for the contemporary palette. From a bevy of cocktails to a robust wine list, you're sure to find something that suits your fancy. And not to mention the range of delicious desserts that make it hard to put your plate away. 




Plus with happy hour five days a week and live jazz every Sunday night, it's perfect for a hangout with old friends and new. See the full menu here and pay them a visit at 2223 Frederick Douglas Boulevard when you're uptown.

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