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Choosing the Right Hair Product for Your Style

Choosing the Right Hair Product for Your Style

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When it comes to choosing hair products, we all want one thing: control. And as temperatures start to dip and the head gear is due to make a cameo, winter haircare comes with its own challenges. Luckily, there are a range of options that compliment any hair style so we're here to help you choose the best one for your look.

Choosing the Right Hair Product for Your Style
Loose Curls/Curly Fro

If you have a bit more bounce to your textured hair, you'll likely want to add hold and definition. Gels make the perfect addition to your styling regimen. They're easy to wash out, just make sure you don't overuse to avoid crunchiness or flakes. Usually a silver dollar sized scoop spread evenly across wet hair will do the trip. To keep the hair with a soft feel, try applying a leave-in conditioner or creme first and using the gel as a top style--sealing in moisture and still keeping your look.

Choosing the Right Hair Product for Your Style

Slicked Back with a Sharp Part

Want to avoid a stiff style? Go for a more pliable hold with a wax. Waxes allow you to sculpt the hair into a desired look, instead of just plopping the product on and figuring it out after. Again use in moderation, as waxes have a tacky feel and can stick to the hair. Washing out may be an issue so small amounts distributed evenly will be your best bet. Waxes work great for frizzy hair too, sticky enough to clamp down on fly-aways or errant strands. They're the perfect finishing touch prior to a night out.

Choosing the Right Hair Product for Your Style

Waves to Taper Fades

Look no further than a pomade. They've gotten a bad wrap as being the greasiest of the bunch, that's why we created our Sleek Water pomade, a water-based alternative that still provides the level of hold, but rinses out clean with one wash--no gunk, no build up. Pomade a are great for thicker hair types and work well to smooth out any of the more difficult patches. Be sure to moisturize the hair before hand. Pomades can work on dry and wet styles, just make sure that you're applying with dry hands for best results.

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