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#WaverWednesday: How to keep 360 Waves in the Fall

Posted by Maliki Durant on

Last week, we closed out a three-week overview on hard, medium, and soft brushes. If you’re new to the journals and missed the series, you can start from the beginning with the article on hard brushes.

Now back to business. It's getting to the cooler months of Fall and wolfing season is officially here. We got a chance to sit down with Horace Bledsoe to talk about the challenges and benefits of wolfing. If you haven't checked out our previous article on the process, you can find it here. Let's dive in. 

WaverWednesday: How to keep 360 Waves in the Fall

WaverWednesday: How to keep 360 Waves in the Fall

Horace, how long were you waving and what made you get involved in the lifestyle?

I grew up around it. My dad and uncle had waves and I've had mine going on 17 years now. To be honest, I saw how the ladies react to them and I wanted some of that attention. 

Compliments are definitely a plus when you get to see your hard work pay off. Since we're talking about wolfing, in your opinion what’s the hardest obstacle when learning how to wolf your hair out?

The hardest part was figuring out how to lay my hair down. Compression can definitely be tricky especially as the weeks start to go by. Once I found what worked for me, the wolfing process got a lot easier.

Of course it would have to come with time once you learn more about the process. With that said, what advice would you have for someone that wants to get started in waving right now?

Take the time to learn your hair! I can't stress that enough. You can have all the best advice and tips in the world--and try out a bunch of different hair care and styling products-- but none of it will work if you don't make it work for you.

I'm glad you said that, learning your hair is going to be a theme we constantly revisit. Where do you see the lifestyle of waving in about 10 years?

I see this lifestyle going mainstream and definitely at the forefront of hairstyles for men. It takes a lot of work to maintain but once you get in a groove, you definitely make an impression everywhere you go. 

One thing most wavers love about wolfing is getting it trimmed but what’s a good indicator that it’s time to go to the shop?

 If you start to lose progress and definition to your wave pattern or if you keep trying to lay your hair down and nothing works, it's definitely time to get a cut or trim.

I know this question varies from waver to waver, how much time should you spend on a brush session?  

You should spend as much time you possibly can. If you brush for 5 minutes, chances are you will have 5-minute waves. But if you put in the hours and hard work it will definitely show--just like life. 

You heard it here folks, time and dedication is always key to getting things done, especially if you're waving. Thanks for taking the time out with us for another Waver Wednesday. Next week we’ll talk about porosity (how well your hair can hold moisture) and what it means to us as wavers, don’t forget if you want to show us your progress, post a wave update to instagram using the hashtag #WaverWednesday.


Kado is the founder of Elite Spins, a digital community for wavers to share product reviews, methods, and tips. Connect with him personally on Instagram and follow the Elite Spins page. 

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