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3 Things Your Man Doesn't Need This Valentine's Day

3 Things Your Man Doesn't Need This Valentine's Day

Posted by Necole Jackson on

Valentine’s day is almost here! And with all the reservations, shopping and special plans for one of the most romantic nights of the year, there are 3 things that can ruin it all. 

So if you want to get the perfect gift for your guy (and avoid wishing for what the night “could’ve been”), take a trip to your local Ulta Beauty store to get it all cleared up today!

1. Dry, itchy scalp

There’s nothing worse than flakes on a nice sweater or jacket. But it’s not uncommon. In fact, up to 50 % of men report dealing with dry, itchy scalp or dandruff. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not because of dry skin. 

The scalp needs the perfect balance of oiliness for healthy flake-free hair. But most shampoos on the drugstore shelf are packed with sulfates, harsh alcohols and parabens, meaning moisture is stripped away with every wash. That leaves your guy vulnerable to a flaky situation. 

So how do you fix it? It’s all about The Regimen

First, find the right shampoo. Our Invigorating Cleanser is formulated with moisture-enriching alcohols and natural extracts like spearmint, nettle and clove for a deep, moisturizing clean. Shampooing just three times a week will relieve a lot of the dryness, itch and visible flakes. 

Follow up with a conditioner to coat the hair and scalp after each wash to refresh, enrich and make hair easier to style. 

The last step is our Daily Hydrator, a proven moisturizer that doubles as a styling cream. Use it for anything from waves to curls to soften, add natural shine and a light hold to keep hair stylish all night. 

2. Painful razor burn and bumps

There’s nothing like a fresh shave—unless it leaves his skin dry, feeling like it’s on fire or with unsightly bumps. A clean shave means soft, healthy skin and that’s all about the system he uses. 

It helps to prep the face with a lightweight oil like our Easy Primer. It’s a blend of avocado, grapeseed and olive oils to soften stubble and help the razor glide over the skin—instead of pulling and tugging hairs.

Then, make him ditch the foam! We know habits are hard to break but if he can’t see what he’s shaving, it’s easier to make mistakes.

Nicks, cuts, and in grown hairs are problems of the past with our Hydro-Glaze cooling aloe shave gel

It goes on clear while moisturizing the face with the cooling sensation of witch hazel for the refreshing shave he’s always wanted.

Hydro-Glaze shave gel makes detailing easy for a mustache or goatee and is perfect to shave the head without the fear of bumps on the back of the neck.

Finally, cut out the harsh sting of alcohol with our Bump Clear post-shave lotion. It moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of razor bumps for effortlessly smooth skin with each use. 

3. Sticky, Greasy Hair

It’s 2020.

There’s no reason why touching his hair should have you heading to the bathroom to wash your hands off! Heavy, greasy pomades and waxes not only leave that nasty residue, they clog pores—leading to pimples and bumps, especially on the forehead. 

So what’s the solution? Go grease-free! 

Our water-based pomade goes on smooth and washes out clean, without the greasy finish. Good for him, better for you—everyone wins. 

So make a stop at your local Ulta and pick up some Frederick Benjamin in the men's section. And it’s as good an excuse as any to treat yourself too! 

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