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#WaverWednesday How To Fix a Fork in Your Wave Pattern

by Maliki Durant |  | 3 comments

Most wavers understand what changes when they see progress in their wave journey. Some wavers focus on one side, some focus on the overall pattern. This week, we’ll discuss my personal journey of how I improved my connections over the last few months when focusing on one specific area.

What's a Fork and Why Does it Matter?

A fork is a term you’ll commonly hear in the wave community when it comes to connections. Visually, a fork should look similar to a fork in the road so they’re not hard to spot. The photo below was taken in August and shows the fork I focused on for this example.

My Process

Every time I start a brush session, I started right on the area I wanted to focus on. This helped my consistency in making sure the area was being brushed properly. The arrows indicate the brushing angles I used when working on that area. This photo was taken in September.


This photo was taken in late October and I’m happy with the results so far.

I had to tweak my angles slightly as the fork started to go away, but once it was gone I was able to stay with the same angles I started with. Now all I need to do is clean up the area the fork was removed from. During my wash sessions I take the same approach, attacking my problem area first. It’s important to always keep your angles consistent even when washing and cutting your hair.

When you’re working on a problem area try to approach it similar to my example. Make sure you attack it first every time you start a brush session and stay consistent with your angles. Technically, you can use this strategy to manage your entire pattern.

Next week we’ll talk about another term used in the wave community when dealing with problem areas called “scalping” aka starting from scratch. It sounds scary but your waves will be much better after if you have to take that approach.

Show us the problem area you're working on by posting the image to Instagram using the hashtag #WaverWednesday. Until next week stay wavy and keep that brush moving!


Kado is the founder of Elite Spins, a digital community for wavers to share product reviews, methods, and tips. Connect with him personally on Instagram and follow the Elite Spins page.

Comments (3)

  • Michael on September 16, 2019

    Try these guys acutabovetherestdowntown.comm in Vegas!

  • D on September 16, 2019

    Anybody know of any dope barbers in Las Vegas that cut 360 waves and does enhancements?

  • TERRENCE AUGUSTINDE on March 31, 2019

    i am a kid waver and dont have enough time to brush but i still squeeze a long brush session in.i have wayyyy to many forks

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