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4 Tips to Groom Your Growing Hair During COVID-19

4 Tips to Groom Your Growing Hair During COVID-19

Posted by Michael james on

I do not need to tell you that life has turned upside down for the entire planet when COVID-19 broke into our lives without an invite. So far, 2020 has led to adaptations in every aspect of our lives and you may worry about how you look, but with these 4 tips, you can embrace the growth and save the worry for aspects of life’s many unknowns.  


Part of surviving this pandemic in good health is to make sure you are looking after yourself and retaining as much normalcy as you can. "Feel good, look good" is a popular mantra, and it applies perfectly to our current state of affairs. It not only sounds good but has the science to back it up; especially when we are investigating (or investing in) our mental well-being. According to the 2004 study Self-esteem in a broad-spectrum approach for mental health promotion"self-esteem can lead to better health and social behavior" while keeping negative behaviors and thoughts from creeping into your mind or blowing up on the love ones we now are spending way too much time with.

 Try this 4 Tips to get you by:


Keep Your Shape


With being unable to head to the barbershop during the lockdown, creating a new hair routine is important. However, with the right tools, you can keep your own unique shape to your style. 

A good set of clippers will allow you to keep the shape around your ears, sides, and to form a razor-sharp hairline. While you are not as experienced as your barber, there are tutorials online to walk you through the process if you are uneasy at first.


It will also make for some interesting barbershop talk once the pandemic is over with.

 give your self a hair line



Watch The Shampoo

Being stuck in quarantine means there is far less exposure to elements that will dirty your hair, so it is safe now to reduce how often you shampoo your hair.          Overusing shampoo runs the risk of drying out your hair or causing it to lose its natural shine. However, you are in the clear if you feel the need to run water through your hair as a substitute. 

If you feel like you need to rinse your hair, go for it. Remember, "feel good, look good."


shampoo for black men


Up The Conditioner

Everything regarding conditioner during the lockdown is exactly opposite that for shampoo. Since getting a haircut during a time of social distancing is difficult, unless you live with a barber, your hair is likely a bit longer than normal.

Longer hair is oftentimes more difficult to keep moisturized. Therefore, you should look to condition three times weekly to maintain your hair growth during covid-19. 


hair conditioner for black men


 Hydrate Daily

Using a grease-free daily hair cream for men on damp or wet hair will keep your scalp moisturized and provide a light to medium hold to your hair. Making sure to use the Daily Hydrator every day will keep flakes from forming on the scalp, provide a comforting cool feeling after application and soften your coarse curly hair.

With longer hair, it is important to keep it hydrated and moisturized while under lockdown. The extra conditioning and hydrating may feel excessive at first, but trust that you will appreciate how you look after a week of keeping with the routine.

best hair grease for black men


Keeping up with your hair care regimen during COVID-19 may not seem like much, but it will bring you a sense of normalcy while ensuring you retain a sense of control in your life and look & feel good during those work and family zoom calls.

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  • Many thanks for tips, particularly the first tip. However, for myself leaving in Kampala Uganda, I’ve failed to get your products on Ebay.

    Joseph Martin Musoke on

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