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How Should I Take Care of My Hair During COVID-19?

How Should I Take Care of My Hair During COVID-19?

Posted by Janell Hickman on

At this stage of the game, many of you still have yet to be reunited with your barber pending on where your city is within their respective reopening plans. While haircuts may seem frivolous to some, at Frederick Benjamin we know that Barbershop culture is Black culture — so those weekly appointments are sorely missed. 

In the interim, we know you’ve probably had some urgent grooming Q’s like: “Why is my hair so dry?” or “What are the best products for my hair type?” or “How do I prevent hair bumps when I get fades?” or even “How can I get 360 waves?” 

As people of color, we naturally have so many questions surrounding our hair, and rightfully so. Sadly, most haircare and grooming companies don’t speak to “us.” And, unfortunately the ones that *try* don’t really offer product lines that work effectively. So, what’s next?

For one, summertime is around the corner...let’s not enter this season with anymore unanswered questions. Let’s get started by answering your most pressing questions about caring for your hair in the times of COVID. Class is in session!

Q: How often should I be washing my hair? I feel like I’m either drying it out or dealing with grease-y build up?

A: Ideally, you want to wash your hair two or three times per week. This way the product isn’t just sitting in your hair, which can clog hair follicles that prohibit healthy growth. The major key is to be gentle when washing. For example, our Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with natural oils that work overtime, so you don’t have to scrub or irritate your scalp (FYI, it’s still skin!) The combination of spearmint, clove, and hemp seed oil—just to name a few—help assist you in stimulating blood flow as well as adding much-needed hydration. Plus, these natural ingredients will open the pores for a deeper clean.

Q: What’s the best hairstyle to rock if you notice your hair starts thinning?

A: First of all,  we feel you. Losing your hair is a difficult process for men of color, but it doesn’t have to be. Nothing is wrong with rocking the low Caesar to keep it even. Try fading or tapering the side to achieve a style you still feel confident in. Remember, the streets also love a bald head. [Editor’s Note: Just saying…the data is there!] Our Shaving Regimen offers everything you’ll need when you decide to rock the baldie. 

Q: I am trying to get/maintain 360 waves, but don’t know which product to use? Help!

A: The wave process is not just about the product. Consider what type of brush you’re using [Editor’s Note: Or, if ‘wolfing’ a.k.a. growing your hair out, a medium brush will do the trick], your wave cap, and how often you wash your hair (refer to question one). Most wave pomades or creams are pretty heavy, and sit on top of your scalp and hair. Why? They often are made with petroleum or mineral oil (p.s. not great!) that attract dirt or grime.

Swap out what you are currently using for our Sleek Water Pomade. This will give you a medium hold, without the excessive product stuck in your hair. In terms of picking the right brush, we recommend purchasing our wave brush. FYI: The soft bristles are truly a MVP. Finally, wearing a wave cap will be your savior! Sleep with it nightly (just make sure to rinse it with soap and water weekly)—and you will begin to see a noticeable difference.

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