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5 Black-Owned Brands to Support This Black Friday

Posted by Janell Hickman on

Those Black squares that took over your IG feed might have come (insert side-eye), but the need to support Black-owned businesses is more crucial than ever. Yep, the pandemic is still here, and businesses particularly owned by our brothers and sisters have been hit harder than most. 

Black Owned Brands

As a Black-owned brand ourselves, it’s our priority to uplift, promote, and support others who are making a difference in our community — and breaking the mold of what it looks like to be a successful entrepreneur! Below, Frederick Benjamin Grooming founder, Michael James, shares 5 Black-owned businesses he’ll be shopping this Black Friday — and frankly, forever. 

His motto? Shop Black. Buy Black. Support Black. That’s It! 

Blackstock & Weber


“I love the old-school ‘schoolboy’ look. This brand reminds me of when I started giving a damn about my attire—down to placing a shiny penny in my penny loafers! Definitely keep an eye on this brand.”


“As a Harlemnite, NiLU is one of a few Black-owned giftshops still around. They curate a ton of items from other Black makers, from chocolate to candles. The next time you find yourself strolling up Lenox and Malcolm X Blvd, stop in and say hi.”

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“It brings me great joy to have this book in my hands. I remember meeting the author, Antonio Jackson while doing a pop-up. We had a long chat about the significance of the barbershop for the culture as he explained his idea at the time. As an entrepreneur, I know the sweat, blood, and tears it takes to get to a final product. This is the perfect addition to your coffee table.“ 



“Let’s talk banking reimagined for real. This company started by a brother who was formally at Chase Bank. Replace your Cash App, Apple Pay, etc. for Mocafi because they get us. You can pay bills on the card and they report to the credit agency when others won’t. A great way for us to build credit faster! Sign-up ASAP.” 

Eastside Golf Club


“Golf is a game that I’ve grown to love— and can’t get enough of! Since proper attire is required, I’m really happy I discovered this Black-owned apparel line. Plus, I get compliments (rarely on the game, more so on the attire!)” 

Black Men With Curly Hair

And, of course, if you want to show us some love...that’s cool too. We’re offering 35% off sitewide, no promo code required. Shop Black This Black Friday! 

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