3 Ways To Promote Hair Growth

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Whether it’s getting your beard to connect or switching up the same look you’ve had since your #TBT, growing your hair out for a new look is always a welcome change. Before you read about these steps, there’s one inherent rule to remember. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

3 Defined Twist With Sponge

Growing your hair takes both patience and dedication. Everyone’s hair grows at different paces and rates. And while you begin that journey, here are some ways to promote hair growth–the right way.

 Grow It Right

Going natural is the best way when it comes to growing your hair out. Which is why products that use ingredients like nettle oil which promote hair growth. Start with our hair regimen which includes a cleanser, conditioner and moisturizer. All the musts for healthy hair days ahead.

3 Ways To Promote Hair Growth 

Keep It Covered

Cold weather and precipitation isn’t good for growth or moisture. When you are outside in the elements, wear a knit beanie for protected coverage.  If you’re growing out facial hair, make sure you wear a scarf to keep your beard protected.At night, you will want to keep it covered via a do-rag.

Promote Hair Growth

Brush Better

Remember in Poetic Justice where Chicago kept brushing his hair throughout? Yeah, that part. The right brush is the final step to growing your hair out the right way. We recommend our 360 Wave Brush which has 100% boar bristles which increases blood to the scalp, which results in hair growth.

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