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5 Crucial Tips For The Perfect Road Trip Playlist

Posted by Naiquan Dimetrius on

Vacation day is here! You're all packed up, rushing to get to the car. But (ahem) you're forgetting something...

Ah yes, the infamous playlist that'll keep you hype for the duration of the trek is missing. No worries. We got you. Here's how you too can curate the most lit experience your eardrums have ever had. 


1. The Intention Of Everything
What's the mood? Take some time to think about this. If it's Drake you know it's gong to be hella emotion versus if it's Rick Ross you know cruising vibes. DJ Khaled? Turn up fest. 

2. Same Energy
Be sure to think about the peaks and valleys of the playlist. You know that driving in the wee hours of the morning can be boring; make you sleepy. Be sure those tracks are the DJ Khaled ones. His energy will definitely keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed.

3. Charged Up
What's a bomb playlist without the juice to keep the party going? In this situation you're the DJ. It's imperative you prepare for all eventualities, which means keep your phone charged so the tunes can be heard for hours and hours.

4. Make It Make Sense
Similar to tip number two, as the DJ of this experience be sure that the flow works. You can't go from baby making music to Diddy Boppin'. It just doesn't work. It's not fair to your ears. 

5. Play What You Love
The most important aspect of creating the perfect playlist is to be sure that with each song you pick you're loving it. If you don't love and enjoy the music you're selecting, the playlist is going to be wack. 

Can't forget one extremely crucial accessory, The Traveler Dopp Kit. Cop this to go along with the effortless swag of your playlist. Get it here

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