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New Regimen, New Hair, Who Dis?

New Regimen, New Hair, Who Dis?

Posted by Tyrus Townsend on

‘Tis the season to look in the mirror and decide today is the day for you to receive a new cut, a new routine and a new lease on a healthy head of hair.

You see, your hair, though it may love your current products, could greatly benefit from a new line-up of stellar creams, pomades and daily conditioners.

And those drugstore haircare products?

Even those bottles of all-in-one shampoos and conditioners, with their brilliant package and marketing are disrespectful and wrong on so many levels.

MEN just say no!

Washing, conditioning and styling your mane regularly with supermarket or trendy brands are dangerous, because the harsh cleansers strip your hair of the natural oils, preventing healthy, manageable and moisturized hair.

So in the spirit of the Summer season, we gift you our fool-proof regimen to achieve and maintain the healthy hair that you so deserve.


(S)hampoo: Cleanse

“Lather, rinse, and repeat” but do you know you don’t have to wash your hair every time you shower? And when you do make sure it is not just any shampoo. Why? Most drug store, mass produced brands are chock-full of sulfates that strip the natural oils and dries your hair and scalp. This is especially evident with all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash combinations that have become popular in recent years. Why aren’t these types of products marketed to women? Very few brands are unable to distinguish or admit that they consider women’s grooming over men’s but we have the solution to your cleansing problem: Our Invigorating Shampoo. Formulated for normal to dry scalp and hair.   

Use this solution once- or twice-weekly in order to achieve your healthy hair goals.  Ingredients like Nettle and Hemp Seed nourishes and replenishes for restored shine and elasticity. One wash and your scalp is free of sweat, build-up and other environmental impurities.



(C)onditioner: Restore Hydration

There is an urban legend that one must shampoo first in order to condition. Not true!  Think of conditioner as an everyday treatment that aids in protecting and moisturizing while giving the hair a uniformed shape as in 360 waves. Our product cools, moisturizes and helps to relax your curl pattern especially for guys with curly or kinky hair.

On wet your hair, apply a light amount of conditioner, and rinse. Repeat if necessary and proceed to style as desired.



(D)aily Hydrator Styling Crème: Control

While skin is your biggest organ and needs adequate hydration, the same applies to your hair.  But more importantly your hair deserves a daily hydrator that will get the job done without any of the extra weight found in other products.

Enter our Styling Crème. A lightweight, grease-free fix-it-all that doubles as one part moisturizer, one part dry scalp treatment (especially for bald styles).  It's great for on the go application while traveling, heading into the office and after that intense workout. Perfect for all hair types and complete with an uplifting Spearmint scent.

Apply a nickel sized amount to wet or damp hair.  Leave-in and allow hair to air dry.  


(S)leek Water Pomade: Hold + Shine

Gentlemen, this is not your father’s can of Murray’s Waves Grease; if so, your hair would be greasy, stiff and heavy to the touch.

Our product is the complete opposite of your drug store finds and slicker than your average pomade.

Aptly named Sleek, it feels like water to the touch but packs a mean medium hold,  leaving your mane soft with a natural shine.

A warm weather staple, stock your medicine cabinet with a few jars and you will never be without a coiffed mane.  Perfect for styling after a fresh cut or a quick morning fix?

Apply a nickel sized amount to damp or dry hair.  Style as desired. 

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