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The Nutritional Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil in Men's Grooming Products

The Nutritional Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil in Men's Grooming Products

Posted by Michael James on

At Frederick Benjamin, we pride ourselves on harnessing nature’s best solutions to keep textured hair healthy and combat the effects of extreme weather conditions and everything in between. Our key ingredients reinvigorate the scalp and restore softness and shine to hair. Today’s pick is Hemp Seed, which we include in all of our men's grooming product formulas. Here’s why it works:

Wool hats, scarves and indoor heating are a triple threat that can cause static and frizz, making a dry hair and scalp situation even worse. Moisture is integral for any good grooming regimen and we start with hemp seed oil in our shampoo, conditioner, daily hydrator, and pomade to make sure that your scalp and hair is healthy, soft, shiny, and easier to style. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins (especially Vitamin E) and protein, hemp seed oil is beneficial to all hair types. Hemp seed oil is a great conditioning agent that helps lock in moisture to prevent dry scalp and minimize scalp irritation. Find out more about our range of hair care products here.

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