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Two Hair Care Ingredients To Avoid

Two Hair Care Ingredients To Avoid

Posted by Michael James on

There are two common hair care ingredients in styling products that are damaging your hair and scalp. As with most things today, it can be easy to overlook a label, especially when you’re not informed. At Frederick Benjamin, we believe that knowledge is power; power to make better decisions about your hair care and grooming regimen and ultimately about your life. So we love to chat with our customers about their experiences with our products and with other products they’ve used in the past. Many times, they’ve been unhappy with how the products makes their hair feel and the heavy, greasy residue that’s left behind.

The culprits: Petrolatum and Mineral Oil

Styling products are classically used to ‘hold’ a style while adding shine. But these greasy alternatives clog pores and suffocate the scalp (often causing scalp pimples and preventing the scalp from producing and excreting the necessary oils) instead of providing moisture that would bring natural luster and softness. Petrolatum and mineral oil are just topical ingredients, leaving a heavy film on the hair. Many use these products as a moisturizer and though things may look good on the surface, you lose any of the deeper benefit of true moisture and hydration.

We suggest Sleek Water styling pomade, which is a lightweight, water-based, easy to rinse formula, infused with hemp seed and grape fruit oils for a medium hold and natural shine. For a lighter hold and matte shine we suggest our Daily Hydrator styling creme, also water based and infused with hemp seed, spearmint, clove and nettle oils.  You can find them here.

Style your hair the right way and feel the difference with Frederick Benjamin!

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