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In My Element: intellefit's Christopher Gould

In My Element: intellefit's Christopher Gould

Posted by Michael James on

Christopher Gould 1

We all know the importance of physical fitness, especially around this time of the year when resolutions abound. Our next feature guest has been in the industry for a significant amount of time and shares a bit of his journey with us on this segment of 'In My Element':

FB: Introduce yourself to our readers.
CG: My name is Christopher T. Gould, NASM Master Trainer [NASM -National Academy of Sports Medicine], and Founder of intellefit™, a fitness-lifestyle brand, providing intelligent fitness and wellness solutions for individuals, organizations, and companies throughout the world. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with individuals in their 20s - 70s with a wide range of fitness goals, needs, and challenges. These experiences inspired me to create intellefit™ [intellect + fitness], a unique approach to exercise, which prevents injury, promotes recovery, improves functionality, and enhances well-being. The expansion of these ideals has led to the development of the intellefit Interactive Corporate Seminar™ and the intellefit Private Training™ services. My life's mission is to simplify fitness for every human being on the planet. 

 Christopher Gould 2    
FB: You've been in the industry for quite a while and I'm sure you've encountered some challenges on your journey thus far. What's the biggest thing you had to overcome?
CG: One career challenge that I have faced within the fitness industry is the lack of private space for accommodating independent trainers and our clients. I have been able to circumvent this by expanding my services to Skype and Google hangouts and provide a video conferencing option for clients who have space at home. 
christopher gould nasm master trainer intellefit fitness frederick benjamin blog in my element series
FB: You're based in New York, arguably the best city in the world (I think we share that bias). What do you like  most about it?
CG: My favorite thing to do in New York City is to simply take long walks, embracing the cultural nuances and beauty of various Manhattan neighborhoods.
FB: You start training services as early as 5:45 AM and you have to be able to get out of the door fast and still be presentable. What's your grooming regimen like?
CG: My grooming regimen is fairly simple - it includes washing + moisturizing my hair with Frederick Benjamin products, and keeping my skin moisturized in the harsh elements of New York City winters.
FB: For the aspiring trainers and fitness pros out there, what would be your two cents to help them advance in the field?
CG: The advice I would give to someone starting in the fitness industry is to "primum non nocere", or, "first, do no harm" to your clients. One of my intellefit Axioms™ states: "Exercise should prevent injuries, not create them". Exercise should enhance quality of life, not hinder it due to injury. 

Christopher will be sharing some of his intellefit™ exercises with us (step-by-step) in the weeks, starting with the The Foundation Squat:

Christopher Gould 3
Christopher Gould 4
Christopher Gould 5
Tips: Start with the feet hips-width apart. Descend slowly. Stand up with power. Engage the lower extremities (leg muscles) and core. 
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more intellefit™ exercises to add to your workout and keep up with Christopher by visiting their website.

In My Element is a series by Frederick Benjamin grooming that catalogues the experiences of men who are making an impact in their industry. From success to setbacks and everything in between, we share their stories to inspire you on your journey to being the best you can be.

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