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5 Face Oils For Healthy, Hydrated Skin For Men

5 Face Oils For Healthy, Hydrated Skin For Men

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5 Face Oils For Healthy, Hydrated Skin For Men

Before you knew it, winter came in like a wrecking ball smacking you in the face. Now is the time to trade in fall trends for winter warmness. Most importantly, this is the time to reevaluate your cleansing routine. Who wants to Netflix and chill with their significant other having dry skin? Lucky for you, Frederick Benjamin has five great face oils for men to freshen up and moisturize your skin. For most men, our skin care routines aren't the greatest, using heavy lotions that clog pores and leave a shiny veneer. Oils are a way to get deep, lasting hydration without the negative effects of vaseline or the weight of shea butter.

Even though oils may be very greasy in appearanceyou will notice a significant change to your skin to get prepared for summer greatness. Ditch the money-grabbing mainstream brands and try these natural oils in your winter skincare routine.

Aside from the labor-enduring myth, Castor oil’s healthy fat provides amazing moisture for your skinIf you want clearer and refreshed look, this oil produces collagen and elastin, which hydrates and brightens your face. It also can help dissolve wrinkles to produce younger, fresher skin. Even though this oil can do wonders, no skin is alike. Please see your dermatologist before using.

Natural is becoming the new norm in the African-American culture. Most use Coconut Oil for their hair as conditioner treatments and in foods, but why not use it for your skin? Not only does this oil have a great scent, it is also a great moisturizer to the skin. A lot of well-known brands found in stores have water in their products that eventually dry out your skin. Opt for a 100% guarantee to a hydrated feel and look with Coconut Oil.

If Coconut Oil is too heavy for you, try using a dry oil, or an oil that soaks into the skin easily. Rose Hip Seed Oil is a great dry oil which specializes in improving uneven pigmentation. It also is known for its immediate moisturizing abilities. If you already have oily skin, talk to a dermatologist before using.

Another hair-famous oil to use is Argan Oil. This oil has very high levels of Vitamin E, which is amazing for your skin. Not to mention ladies will love the smell of your face when using this oil. All skin types can use this, causing little-to-none irritation. This one is definitely a winner. 

The last oil on the list is Carrot Seed Oil. By just using a few drops of this on your skin daily, you will notice a more tan, hydrated look. This is perfect for maintaining a summer glow in the winter. If you are also suffering from blemishes on your face, this oil is great in removing and restoring natural skin conditions.

Have you tried these oils? Tell us your experience! Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!

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