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How-To: 360 Waves

How-To: 360 Waves

For generations, hairstyles for black men have run the gamut. From the afro to cornrows, one consistent style we've seen for shorter hair has been waves. But getting waves is not an easy task. Many men complain that it's even impossible to achieve with their type of hair. First, let's address that issue. Texture of hair depends on genetics as well as the regimens we use to treat our scalp and condition our hair. At Frederick Benjamin, we provide grooming solutions with active natural oils and other moisturizers to invigorate the scalp and restore softness and shine to hair. Hair care and good styling starts from the source. And with a few items, dedication, and patience, we'll show you how to be 'spinning' in no time. Head to your local beauty supply store for some basics: 

Hand mirror: You’ll need this to use in collaboration with your bathroom mirror to see the back of your head and hard to reach areas when brushing.

Brush: A soft brush or double-sided brush, preferably boar bristle brushes.

Comb: This will help in ways your brush can’t. Find a comb along the lines of a barber comb or rat-tail comb.

Durag/Wave Cap: You will need this to lay your hair down while you sleep. The wave cap can be used if you want additional compression.

Now most people are used to products like Murray's or Nu Nile. We provide a non-greasy, water based alternative that rinses clean but still adds the hold and shine you need. 

Start with a low, even haircut, at least 1 1/2 inches in length. Wash and condition the hair.  Brush at least twice a day, from the crown and out in the direction that your hair grows, preferably in the afternoon and before you go to bed. For an even wave pattern, brush all the way around using the hand mirror to guide you. In two weeks of consistent brushing, you should start to see some waves forming. Use a moisturizer to soften the hair and a pomade to hold the style. A wave cap can be use to set the pattern overnight as the hair grows and waves take shape.

Revised from Kado of Elite Spins

  • Michael James