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Shampoos with sulfates to avoid

Going 'Sulfate-Free'

Posted by Necole Jackson on

Since it’s officially cuffing season, spending time with your girl is a guaranteed move. Her daily routine, which turns into your daily routine, includes watching Youtube tutorials on natural hairstyles and products. Even though you could care less, try learning a thing or two from her— for example, sulfate-free products.

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I know you’re asking "what exactly is sulfate" and "why should I care". Well according to, “sodium laureth sulfate (also known as sodium lauryl ether sulfate) is a type of anionic detergent that’s found in various personal care products, including soaps, toothpaste and, as mentioned, shampoos.” Most people think sulfates are only in shampoos, but we incorporate this detergent everyday in other products too (more on that later).

Sulfates in products are neither good to your health nor your hair. Not only have they been linked to cancer (yikes!), but they've also been shown to “significantly weaken the hair follicles and hair strands when used for a prolonged period of time”. Not only is there a potential for breakage and permanent damage but the immediate effect, like a lot of shampoos do, will be dry hair since detergents strip away oils when they clean (aka the Brillo pad).

Remember, sulfates are used as detergents or cleaning products. When you’re cleaning your ride, you're using the same ingredients used in your hair products. This notion alone should have you considering other options (and luckily we have some for you). 'Going natural' is not just about the 'big chop' and embracing her curls.

If you want to take the first step and make the switch to sulfate-free brands, check out our premium Sulfate-Free gentle cleansing shampoo and an invigorating Sulfate-Free moisturizing conditioner.

They make a powerful combo. Our shampoo thoroughly removes build up and excess oils and using the conditioner replenishes moisture naturally, thanks to the nettle and hemp seed specifically aimed to improve the conditions of the scalp and restore those natural oils. Within the first use, you will notice a hydrating effect to your hair, plus the natural spearmint oil leaves a clean, fresh scent that she won't get enough of. 

It’s time to reap all the benefits of cuffing season, one sulfate-free product at a time.

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