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What to Wear This Valentine's Day

Posted by Michael James on

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we got Max from Gents Among Men to school us on date night style, to look your best no matter how you choose to celebrate with that special someone. 

Image 1

For a winter date night situation, you cannot go wrong with a turtleneck and leather jacket and jeans combination. The turtleneck speaks sophistication, while the leather jacket and boots provides a nice bit of edge to your personality. 

Image 2

It's All-Star Weekend too! Maybe they're down for a chill night and just want to kick back with some take out and the game. Do a bit better and cook something special (plus a surprise gift at the end of the night wouldn't hurt either). And you can still have a solid ensemble to match the occasion. A grey crew-neck sweatshirt is should be in every man's closet. Style icons from Paul Newman to Steve McQueen have been photographed in their casual grey crew. Pair this with some joggers and chukka boots for the perfect night in: sports, food, and bae.

Image 3

In any case, you should look your best. Nothing says date night like a suit. You can choose a variety of colors but I say stick to the basics for right now: charcoal grey and navy blue. I steer clear of black because it always reminds me of death, so instead a midnight blue suit will give you the look of black while maintaining some life to your outfit. This is perfect for that special reservation.

Of course, you'd want to style your hair too. Use our Sleek Water™ pomade for a smooth start to a great night!

Created by Robert ‘Max’ Twitty, Gents Among Men is a digital media platform that caters to the 21st century Gentleman. Our interests reside in one-on-one conversations with both seasoned and upcoming professionals within the Menswear, Grooming, and Lifestyle industries. Through personal style, product testing, and lifestyle advice, Gents Among Men focuses on providing unique content that assist today’s gentleman with looking good and living well. 

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