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Harlem is home to a burgeoning renaissance and at the heart of every culture is food. They don't call it the culinary arts for no reason. So we went to Streetbird NYC, a new hot spot uptown, that blends hip-hop with home cooking.

Streetbird 2

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When you walk in, it's like a time capsule. Street culture is alive and well with odes to Run DMC, graffiti on the walls, and vintage sneakers hanging from the ceiling fixtures. The vibe is unmistakable, but the aromas wafting in from the kitchen? Now that's another story! Though the menu has a touch of familiarity, famed Chef Marcus Samuelsson has also infused some creativity, pulling from experiences with street food favorites from all over the world. Though at its core a 'chicken joint', with the rotisserie constantly churning out golden-brown birds, you can count on a fair amount of new flavors that are definitely non-traditional.

Streetbird 4

Right outside of the subway station, traveling there is a breeze. So if you want a true taste of Harlem, head up to 116th. Streetbird awaits.

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