Men's Grooming 101

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We want to look our best, every day. And there are simple things that we can do to make sure that we are on top of our game. Taking the time to check off the list is a great way to make an even better impression and ultimately feel better. Because when you look good, you feel good. And everyone notices that. So here are our five must-haves for your grooming regimen, starting at the top:

  1. Take care of your hair! A good hair care regimen is just as important to your hair as it is to your scalp. A healthy scalp means healthier hair, that's also easier to style. And that’s all about replenishing moisture at the root! Try our Regimen for your routine. 
  2. Your face is not your body! Seriously! The skin on your face should be treated totally separately. Don’t use bar soap or a heavyweight moisturizer on your face. Based on your skin type, use an appropriate facial cleanser and moisturizer (maybe even an oil) to make sure you’re your skin is moisturized and that you avoid any breakouts or damage from overproduction of oils or excessive dryness.
  3. Never strip without restoring! This is a general rule (read: universal law) that will make your complete care regimen that much more effective. If you wash your hands, use lotion. If you wash your hair, use conditioner, and so on. Don't forget this!
  4. Nails should always be clipped, always! ‘Nuff said.
  5. Trim regularly! Say no to nose and ear hair. People notice. And not in a good way. Be sure to grab a small trimmer and drop it in your bag or briefcase. You never know when you might have a grooming emergency. Plus, many small trimmers can also act work to refresh your line-up, beard, or goatee so you get more even bang for your buck.

BONUS: Body hair is all a matter of personal preference so we don’t have an exact recommendation. But we will say that you should probably consult your significant other before venturing to the beach this summer.

Take your hair care to the next level with Frederick Benjamin! Our Regimen II is perfect for your styling needs. Find out why!

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