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Beat the Summer Heat in Style

Posted by Michael James on

We don’t need to convince you that summer time is here. Temperatures are soaring and the humidity is real. While all of this is true, that doesn’t keep us out of those elements like salt & chlorine, that takes a noticeable toll on our skin and scalp.

Here are a few easy and effective Summer Grooming tips you can follow to make it through:


Stay Moisturized:  Exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt (from sweat, the ocean and the pool) all take a big toll on your scalp and skin.  Chlorine & salt zap the natural moisture your body produces, leaving your scalp and skin itchy and dry. 

The Fix:  

  • Keeping your skin and scalp hydrated. Our Daily Hydrator is the key to daily maintenance and should be used as a leave-in conditioner for men. 
  • Condition more than you shampoo. Increase your conditioner frequency to maintain deep moisture to the scalp and hair. Think of this as a co-wash for men with textured, dry and brittle hair. 
  • Try our Easy Primer as a face and scalp oil. Just a dab will do, and it will keep you hydrated all day long. It’s light enough to use as a lotion, face oil and hair oil and won’t weigh you down.


Fight the Humidity: The heat and humidity can take a toll on your hair, frizzing it out, causing flyway’s and losing your hold on your hair style.

The Fix:

Sleek Water is a strong hold pomade that will keep your hair laid and frizz-free.  The water-based feature makes it perfect for summer style. It goes on light and clean unlike most petrolatum and mineral oil-based pomades, that melt on your scalp and cause a messy, greasy look no one wants.    

Follow these two tips and enjoy the summer! Shop our best sellers here!

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