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Best Shampoos for 360 Waves

7 Best Shampoos for 360 Waves

Posted by Antonio Wells on

Are you trying to get deep 360 waves and looking for a great regimen to develop and maintain them? You've found the right place. Getting 360 sick sea waves involves three main components; a moisturizing cleanser, brushing, and compression of the hair with a wave cap or durag. In this article, we'll focus on the best shampoos for 360 waves. Here are seven of the best shampoos for 360 waves recommended by licensed dermatologists, hair experts, and hair stylists. We also include the benefits and drawbacks of each recommended product so you can make a better-informed decision.

360 Waves Haircare Frequent Asked Questions

Which type of shampoo is good for waves?

Shampoos that moisturize the hair and scalp while not stripping all of the natural oils from the hair follicles are the best shampoo for waves. Do your research on the shampoo's active ingredients before purchasing. Make sure the product does not contain sulfates, alcohol, or parabens.

Can you use any shampoo for waves?

No. You cannot use any shampoo for waves. There is a balancing act with the ingredients as it should contain essential oils which moisturize the hair and scalp while cleansing. And avoid shampoos containing sulfates, alcohol, or parabens.

What's the best hair product for waves?

  • Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo by Frederick Benjamin Grooming
  • Wavebuilder Wash in Waves Wave Saving Shampoo
  • SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo

How do Durags make waves?

Durags or wave caps help make waves because they compress the hair while protecting the hair follicles from weather exposure and locking in moisture. It is just one of a few steps needed to get and maintain waves.


7 Best Shampoos for 360 Waves

Shampooing and conditioning the hair are vital steps in the haircare regimen. Most men neglect the process. You should not wash and condition daily to maintain 360 waves. However, we do recommend brushing often and compressing your hair daily. Here are our top tips for getting waves, maintaining waves, and how often guys should wash their hair.

Best Shampoo for Black Men

Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo by Frederick Benjamin Grooming is one of the best shampoos for 360 waves.


(This product can be found in Target stores nationwide. Click here to find your local store.)

The 360-wave hairstyle can be worn by many cultures with wavy hair textures. However, the style is predominantly worn by Black men or men of color. That stated, the key factors to developing and maintaining 360 waves are moisturizing the hair, brushing, and compression (with a wave cap or durag.)

The first step starts with moisturizing the hair and scalp. This regimen starts with cleaning the hair with a non-drying shampoo. You will notice most experts agree with the usage of shampoos that do not contain sulfates, alcohol, or parabens- as these ingredients dry the hair and irritate the scalp.

Hence, we recommend the Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo by Frederick Benjamin Grooming as one of the best shampoos for 360 waves. The gentle formula removes build-up from the scalp, oiliness, and sweat without stripping natural moisture from hair, so it feels refreshing.

1. Invigorating Cleanser Shampoo by Frederick Benjamin Grooming

(Please note: to prevent biased, we used the Cons from real customers for this product recommendation.)

  • Pros: Labeled as one of the best shampoos for Black men's hair, it contains Spearmint Oil (for invigorating the scalp), Clove Oil (which stimulates blood flow), Nettle Oil (promotes hair growth), and Hemp Seed Oil (for hydration and moisturizing).
  • Cons: "Just be careful if your allergic to wheat/glycine this product is not for you. Otherwise it smells good but not for me." -Omari M. (Verified Buyer)

Recommendations from the Experts

We reached out to dermatologists, hair experts, and hair stylists for their recommendations on the best shampoos for 360 waves. Here are the benefits and disadvantages from the experts:

Dr. Sanusi Umar, MD, FAAD, is a results-oriented, board-certified dermatologist and hair restoration expert. He explains, "To achieve the best 360 hair waves, we first have to start with a healthy dandruff-free scalp and robust, healthy hair. To keep your scalp and hair in top condition, choose a super hydrating shampoo that won’t strip your hair and scalp of natural oils. You want to carefully read all the ingredients on the back of your shampoo to avoid harsh chemicals, such as parabens and sulfates." He recommends...

2. Sublime Curl by René Furterer

  • Pros: it's moisturizing, it defines & maintains waves, it's gentle on the hair and scalp, and it contains natural ingredients.
  • Cons: the price is $32, available online.

Arrogant Smith is a professional hairstylist and hair Consultant. He explains, "The Wavebuilder Wash in Waves Wave Saving Shampoo is the best shampoo for 360 waves because it contains a unique formula made with Kukui Nut Oil and Sea Kelp that helps to provide moisture, strength, and shine to your hair while you wash. This shampoo will help to cleanse your scalp and hair while helping to maintain the wave pattern you have worked so hard to achieve."

3. Wavebuilder Wash in Waves Wave Saving Shampoo

  • Pros: It helps to keep your waves looking good for longer periods of time, and it is silicone-free, which means it will not weigh your hair down or make it greasy.
  • Cons: The first con of Wavebuilder Wash in Waves Wave Saving Shampoo is that it is not a conditioning shampoo. This can be a problem because it can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Another con of using this shampoo is that it can be quite expensive, especially if you are using it on a regular basis.

Laura Roncagli is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist in Venice. She explains, "360 waves need a lot of moisture and maintenance, which makes finding a good shampoo that cleanses and enriches the hair a bit tricky." However, she recommends...

4. SheaMoisture Curl and Shine Coconut Shampoo

  • Pros: This is a great shampoo for those looking for in-depth moisture as it is very rich. You just need to use it once to notice the change. The hair ends up shiny and soft. It's also amazing for sensitive scalps as it doesn't contain sulfates, but it still cleans the build-up very well.
  • Cons: It is not recommended for people with thin, low-porosity hair as it is very thick. If your hair doesn't absorb moisture very well, it will stay on your hair and make it feel greasy. Even if your hair isn't low-porosity, if your scalp is oily, it will enhance the oiliness.

Ghanima Abdullah is a hair expert, stylist, and cosmetologist. She explains, "Waves require that the hair be made as moisturized as possible before brushing. It's the moisture that clumps the hair to form into waves, in a similar manner that it defines curls. If you're going to shampoo your hair anyway, and you need something that's as wave-friendly as possible, try a foaming co-wash instead so your hair doesn't dry out." She recommends...

5. Respected Roots Foaming Co-Wash

  • Pros: Softens the hair and cleanses well.
  • Cons: It's actually created for the beard but can also be used on the hair.

Gwenda Harmon is a hair and beauty expert. She explains, "This sulfate-free formula is blended with nature’s remedies for scalp health and softness, which is exactly what 360 waves need. A healthy scalp and strong hair are prerequisites for 360 waves." She recommends...

6. Aloe & Mint Recipe Lather Up Sulfate Free Stimulating Shampoo Crème by Aunt Jackie’s

  • Pros: It contains millions of tiny aloe vera beads that envelop your strands as you shampoo, soothing parched strands and calming inflammation. Aloe & mint combined with apple cider vinegar and shea butter helps thoroughly remove impurities while stimulating the scalp and replenishing hair with well-needed moisture.
  • Cons: The smell is so soothing and addictive that you’ll never get enough of this product.

Calvaniece Mason is a hairstylist and recommends...

7. Calvaniece Mason Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

  • Pros: it lathers nicely; the cucumber and Camellia Sinensis Leaf cleanses as it moisturizes and nourishes.
  • Cons: It's only available online.

The Bottomline

The experts have given their best shampoos for 360 waves, along with the pros and cons. We've also included links to where to buy each product. We recommend researching the ingredients in each to ensure they are a match for your hair and skin, then give each a try to truly determine the perfect match for you.

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